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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Lonesome Cowgirl!

Yeah Today I gave my post an actual title instead of listing Designers, Events etc.  Hey I used to come up with creative titles, then I got lazy :P~ I felt the Post was title worthy this time:) So what does this Sexy Cowgirl got on and how about that awesome Pose Prop, perfect for a themed photo just like mine! Here we go, where Lilliana got What…  Original Blog Post .:HERE:.

Friday, August 29, 2014

News Mute., 20.Five, Ducknipple, Belleza Sale, District 5 and Some Freebies!

My last post was like 3 days ago, it feels longer.  Today’s post is some new stuff, a sweet sale, a cool Event and Some Free stuff. News comes from 4 different Designers… Original Blog Post .:HERE:.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Fresh Style Fashion4Passion, Designer Circle, Wow Skins and More!

Here I am finding myself a little over extended and behind:(  I have been trying to get a full Fresh Style Post together for the present 4th Round and this is it!  The 4th Round of Fresh Style ends on the 30th, apologies all around for the lateness, but I am showing alot from Fresh Style!

So do not delay and if you like something Lilliana is wearing, and get it at a discount, got to the Fresh Style Event right NOW! LOL!  Another Event ending on the 30th is the 86th round of The Designer Circle. I have blogged a few items here and there from DC.  Today it’s a little something something from DC as well!  Full post, with full details .:Here:.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Coming Soon! 24 Squared!

Here’s a little preview of a new  Special Event coming soon from Siren Productions! 24 Squared starts September 5th and runs till the 13th, one week only!  Below find the official press release!  Save those Lindens ladies and Gentlemen!  More Details .:HERE:.

Wild West Fair, Designer Circle, Wow Skins, Fresh Style, and Gifts!

Hey There Fans!  So Lilliana is part of an awesome Special Event I’ve been trying to blog for the last two days and finally got the post together for it.  The Wild West Fair, features some of SL’s Best Designers, Exclusives, GACHAS and even some Gifts (free and dollarbies) with a Western flair. The Wild West Fair began on Friday, August 22nd and runs through Friday, September 5th.  Lots of time to get your cowboy or cowgirl people!

Along with The Wild West Fair, there are as always the many Sales Events where you can get regularly priced items at a discount!  I still have lots to blog from the Designer Circle round and Fresh Style.  In Today’s post, I bring a quick sneak peek from both, with  promise to post more from both this week!  Originally posted from Welcome to Aurora Town .:HERE:.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Ducknipple, Grumble, Essenz, Wow Skins @ District 5, New Feel, Essenz @ La Metallique, more from Krave Inc., Collabor88 and Designer Circle!

In this Post, Lilliana has visited District 5, Krave Inc. The Great Summer Bash, La Metallique Fair, Collabor88, and Designer Circle.  In this same Post, she’s showing some Sponsors like Ducknipple, Grumble, Essenz, Wow Skins and Feel.

Now the breakdown of Lilliana’s look of the Day….  More from the Original Blog Post .:HERE:.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Krave Inc. Great Summer Bash Fashion Fair, Exclusives, GACHAs and Collabor88!

Finally I bring you a full Krave Inc. Great Summer Bash Post!  I’ve been blogging small posts this past week and have been promising a fuller post and this is it!  Everything Lilliana is wearing Today is  pretty much available at the Great Summer Bash Fashion Fair!

A little recap about Krave Inc.’s Event, Great Summer Bash, the Event started on Aug. 10th and ends Aug. 25th.  What does that Mean?  You have 5 days left to get hot summer inspired exclusiveness like what Lilliana is bringing Today! Original Blog Post and More Details are .:HERE:.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Delirium Style, The Pier Market, Collabor88, and Krave Inc.’s The Great Summer Bash!

Lilliana is Lovin’ the New Round for The Pier Market, the theme is Learning.  She is showing lots of Exclusives from TPM.  Lilliana also finally got into the Birthday Round of Collabor88, lots of extra guest Designers at Collabor88’s Round.  Another little something from Krave Inc.’s The Great Summer Bash, get ready for it, Lilliana will probably show at least one item from The Great Summer Bash until it’s end. Lilliana is also wearing a little something something from Delirium Style, it’s not new, but it was perfect for Today’s post, and since I am a Manager and Model for DS, I have lots of beautiful items from DS it’s about time, I posted D-Style again :P  .:HERE:.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Fresh Style Passion4Fashion, Mute., and the Super Krave Inc.’s The Great Summer Bash, Wow Skins @ La Mistinguette Event and More!

Most of Today’s Summer post came from two hot Events.  The Bi-Weekly Round at Fresh Style Passion4Fashion, and the Super Krave Inc.’s The Great Summer Bash!  The Great Summer Bash just started this past Sunday, August 10th and runs until August 22nd!  Stay tuned next post and posts after will surely have summer fabness from Krave Inc.’s Event!

Lilliana is also sporting Newnesss, and a beautiful Skin by Lilliana is also sporting Newnesss, and a beautiful Skin by Wow Skins Exclusively found at the La Mistinguette Event and Wow is also making SLink Physique Mesh Body Appliers, you got to know how happy I am about that, as in my previous post I talked about how I just purchased mine! I even found a cute little Cheapie for you all on MarketPlace. Original Blog Post found .:HERE:.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Morphine and Essenz @The Black Fair, New Elephante Poses, The Big Show, Group Gift and Freebies!

Lilliana spent most of her Day at The Black Fashion Fair Today.  Have you gone?  If you like the color Black, you will love The Black Fashion Fair.  Lilliana posted exclusives from two of her Sponsors for the Black Fair, Morphine and Essenz.  Also at the Black Fair lots of Designers have Freebie Gifts just for visiting, Lilliana is showing a number of the Gifts!  Elephante Poses has a brand new pose set just unveiled at EP’s Mainstore!  New Group Gift alert!  Ikon has a new Group Gift in Store.  Stay with me and take a closer look at what Lilliana is wearing Today!  Reblogged from .:HERE:.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Feeb’s Rascal Street Sales Room, Oh! LIKE blah.BLAH.blah Shopping Village GACHA, Fresh Style Passion4Fashion, Wow Skins, Designer Circle, and Gimmie Gimmie GACHA Event!

Another post that has Lilliana shopping at a number of different Sales Rooms and Events.  On Lilliana’s shopping travels was Feeb’s Rascal Street Sales Room, Oh! Like blah.BLAH.Blah Shopping Village’s GACHA Event, Fresh Style Passion4Fashion, The Designer Circle, and The Gimmie, Gimmie GACHA Event!  Read below for details on what was bought where!…  You need to Peep HERE for the rest of the Details!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Designer Circle, OMG! Room, Wow Skins @ The Aloha Fair, Feeb’s Sales Room, Oh LIKE blah.BLAH.blah Shopping Village GACHA Event, Elephante Poses Hunt Gift, Chapter Four, and UberSL

Lilliana was all over the Grid the past two days.  There are so many Events going on right now, she’s having a hard time keeping track!

In Today’s post, Lilliana will be showing you goodness from The Designer Circle, OMG! Room, The Aloha Fair, Feeb’s Rascal Street Sales Room, Oh LIKE blah.BLAH.blah Shopping Village’s GACHA Event, The Blue Hunt, Chapter Four, and the Brand new Uber SL!  So sit back, get compy, grab a beverage and enjoy reading my Post! Full post details .:HERE:.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Gimmie Gimmie Gacha Event, OMG! Room, Gacha Events, Oh! Like Blah Blah Blah, Freebies, and Morphine @ Aloha Fair 2014

Been a little MIA the few days.  Apologies, one thing you about RL that doesn’t happen in SL being sick.  I’ve had the worst head cold the last few days and RL has been a bit busy for me as well, but I’m back, let see if I can catch up on some great finds from the Grid. For this first post in August I am going to talk about the Gimmie Gimmie Gacha Event, OMG! Rooms New Round, another cool Gacha Event from the O! Like Blah Blah Blah Village, and the Aloha Fair 2014.  I’ve got a few nice Freebies as well!  Full Post can be found .:HERE:.