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In-World, Aurora Town Zindra is a Picturesque Old World European Style Residential / Commerical set on an Adult.
Aurora Town Zindra: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Paceglen/127/102/55.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Aurora Town Zindra

I know, I know it's been a while. Sorry about that but lots of stuff happening for Lewis and I in Second Life. We are in the process of moving our Town. We traded our Mature land for Adult land in Zindra.

We now have two SIMs Paceglen and Sporbus! We are so excited! Building the SIM has been challenging but so much fun and it is looking great. We are still renting homes / market spaces and still offering great, great rates!

All of our Resident who were with us in Fafnir have came joined us in the new place. Everyone is welcome take a peek around, we are almost done. So come on over say Hi:) Once we are totally finished with building, I will be back posting the usual bargains!

Aurora Town Zindra:

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