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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween Everyone! Lots of Hunts ending today. I finished the Black Market and Sunny Sim hunts. I found some late Halloween Gifts below. Have a "Sweet" Day! :)

Miamai has a lovely Gown call Hecathes. Find the display and buy the little gift box next to it. Take my LM below for a quick Ride.


Over at Dark Mouse not only is there a sale going on, but some nice Halloween Decorations. You get the 3 pumpkins separate and the linked display. Nice little display to decorate any Sim owners land. Buy the pumpkin on the coffee table inside the store, zero lindens...

Dark Mouse also has a cute dollarbie, nothing to do with Halloween, but really cute! The Lagalicious Fanshionista Belt is available for 1 dollar until November 1st, so if you want this one you better run. It can also be found on the coffee table inside the store.


Bonita Popinjay put out a pair or Bat Earrings and a matching necklace 1 linden each.


That is it for me for now. If I come across anything else, I will blog again. Right now my real life is screaming at me:) Kiddies, have a safe Halloween all, don't eat candy with open wrappers.. :) Laters, muaahhh!

Monday, October 26, 2009


Awesome Designs that is... Julia Soothsayer just put out her Halloween Gifties for us Ladies. There are 3 in total. Naughty Halloween, Batkini, and Eternity.

Naughty Halloween and Batkini you will see the display but Eternity is hidden in that nifty little Pumpkin nearby. All of these lovely outfits are all yours for FREE


Sunday, October 25, 2009


Cute little Fall Freebie over at D'Signs. Plaidness and all you see in the picture, including the boots are free today. Go pick up yours, you know it's a cute outfit, whether you wear the pants or the mini.

Oh but wait, I just realized you see the 4 outfits behind Plaidness, yeah, yeah I know 3 of them are blurry.. LOL They are free as well and are cute as well, just take my word for it. :)


Inca Temple

Inca Temple the place to buy your Authentic Role Play Jewelry has lots of gifts for us today. You get the rings, necklace and collar, in addition to the gift box which includes a bunch of lovely items. Everything is free Ladies and Gents, so if you like take a ride to Inca Temple....

Inca Temple:

SB Men's Wear

Where are my boyz at, I've got something for you! SB Men's Wear has a Freddie Kruger inspired outfit for free. Don't know what you are going to wear to that Fab SL Halloween Party?

Maybe you are a Horror Movie buff, this might be what you are looking for! You get it all by the way, the hat, the sweater, the pants and the hand knives...

SB Men's Wear:


Hey Ladies, DCNY has not one, but two really nice Halloween Gifts for us! A cute skin and a lovely little dress. In addition, if you have never been to DCNY, don't forget to pick up the 4 Sweet Dollarbies. A hot little red swing coat, nice one piece black bathing suit, cute green flexi dress and a hot little black mini!


Orage Creations

Halloween is a week away. There are so many hunts going on in-world right now. Here is one I did this morning. Orage Creations has 8 pumpkins hidden in the store. I liked this one because it was short and Orage Creations has some really awesome clothing!

The pumpkins cost 1 linden each but Orage is a quality designer, so worth it.

Orage Creations:

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Want Latex...

Who doesn't like latex every now and again? Well the Prince and Princess of Latex, Owners Kayliwulf, have constructed a spooky Halloween Castle. Walk around, get scared and discover 13 hidden boxes just for you, just for Halloween.