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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Lavian & Co., The Fantasy Collective Hunt, Winter Wonderland Hunt, Poison Ivy Hair Salon, 7 Deadly s{K}ins, Group Gifts, Advent Calendars, and Subscriber Gifts!

Here we are getting ready to say Good-bye to another Year.  Isn't it crazy how quickly the Years go by as Adults?  When I was a kiddie, I could remember time passing by so slow.  I used to wish it to go faster, now as an Adult, I wish it to slow down! LOL

I would like to thank you all again for reading / following my blog in 2015.  I hope you stay with me for 2016, I can promise you I will be here!  Today's post is a nice mix of some great discounted items and some Freebies.  Be real careful of some of the Gifts, since we are at the end of December, the Hunts and Advent Calendars have a short timeline and will be ending soon.

Lilliana is wearing... Original Blog Post Can Be Found .:HERE:.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Delirium Style, [Hush], Designer Showcase, Pulcino, Freebies, Group Gifts and Advent!

I hope everyone who celebrated Christmas had a nice one and that Santa was good to you as well.  Santa was extra special to me this year, I got a Gift from Tiffany's, you know the blue box with the white ribbon.  Everyone knows that box, no matter where you're from.
For Today's Post, Lilliana is wearing....  To see more, you have to go .:HERE:.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Designer Circle, Color Me Project, Ducknipple, WoW Skins, {ZOZ}, Frost Fashion Fair, Group Gift and More!

Merry Christmas Eve everyone who celebrates along with Me!  I probably won't be online Tomorrow until late at night, if at all.  I troop it out to my Parents house for Christmas Day.  To all My Fans who take a peek at my Blog, I thank you and wish you all a very Happy Holiday.  If you don't celebrate Christmas, maybe it's Hanukkah, Kwanza, or maybe you don't celebrate anything at all.  I wish everyone a Wonderful Day!

In My Christmas Eve Edition of Welcome to Aurora Town, you will get a peek at Loordes of London from The Designer Circle.  From Color Me Project you will see Vavien Stylish and Indulge Temptation.  Both the Designer Circle and Color Me Project are running longer timelines on their current Rounds.  New Rounds won't start until the New Year.

I'm Showing New Releases from Ducknipple and WoW Skins.  I've Got {ZOZ} from The Frost Fashion Fair. I also have another Group Gift from Swallow and a few more odds and ends. Keep reading you may find something you like!  The Original Blog Post is .:HERE:.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Ducknipple and 7 Deadly s{K}ins @ Frost Fashion Fair, TASHI @ I <3 My Fair White Christmas, Group Gifts, Subscriber Gifts, Advent Calendar and Freebies!

Can you all believe that's it's only 4 days till Christmas?  I am freaking out in RL.  I have a list of stuff I want done before Friday, like Laundry, Cleaning, Baking etc.  Wouldn't it be grand if Real Life was as easy as our Second Life's?  I know for me that's true! :)

In Today's Blog Post, I actually have more Freebies then items paid for!  Today you'll see Ducknipple and 7 Deadly s{K}ins exclusives from the Frost Fashion Fair, an Exclusive from TASHI for I <3 My Fair White Christmas.  The Freebies are from Sofie's for Designer Circle, Truth Hairs Subscriber Gift, Kungler's Advent Calendar Gift, Tabou's Cosmopolitan Sales Room Gift, a Group Gift from Swallow and one last Subscriber Gift from Elephante Poses. Original Blog Post Found .:HERE:.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Designer Circle, D-Style, Latreia, Frost Fashion Fair, Wow Skins and Freebies!

I am so Happy Today!  Today is my last Day of RL Work, after Today, I am on vacation for 2 weeks!  I'm not going away, but will be sleeping late and taking care of business in my Home.  I want to get more organized, and purge!

With all that free time of course I'll probably be blogging a little more.  Talking about blogging let's get to the Post.  In Today's Post, I want to show you some new items from D-Style.  I have one of Latreia's Exclusives for the Frost Fashion Fair.  Plus a few items from Designer Circle and a Freebie!  One thing I want to remind everyone about is Designer Circle's current round will be longer then the usual two weeks.  The 120th Round will not end until January.  Gives you all extra time to shop the great deals at DCOriginal Blog Post .:HERE:.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Color Me Project, Frozzen Fair 2015, Cosmopolitan Sales Room, Poison Ivy Hair Salon, [Hush] Skins, Designer Showcase, -{ZOZ}-, Group Gifts and Advent!

I know Christmas isn’t even here yet, but what will you wear for that awesome New Year’s Party You were invited too?  A girl has to start thinking about these thing ahead of time.  I may have found a nice sparkly option.  Color Me Project is having it’s Gold and Silver Round, so lots of Glitter!

Since we are near Christmas and the end of the year, many sales events like Color Me Project, Designer Showcase and Designer Circle will have longer Rounds, these current Rounds of these events will end in January.  More time to shop these discounts.

Today on Lilliana, you will see Exclusives from Color Me Project, Designer Showcase and Cosmopolitan Sales Room.  I wanted to give you a last look at The Frozzen Fair 2015, it ends Tomorrow, December 16th, so don’t delay on this one!  Last items are a look at [Hush] Skins Newest Release, Group Gifts, and a Advent Gift by MevaOriginal Blog Post .:HERE:.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Designer Showcase, Designer Circle, White Elephant Gacha Fair, 7 Deadly s{K}ins, Poison Ivy Hair Salon, {ZOZ} @ RFL Winter Expo, and Advent Calendars!

First I wanted to tell you all my Advent Calendar List for 2015 is done!  I have confirmed 76 Stores this Year.  I gave shorts descriptions as best I could whether they were 12 Day or 25 Day Calendars. Sometimes they are gifts placed, some are Free, Some are a fee for the Group Join.  I always welcome Store adds, if there is a Store I don’t have list let me know and I will add.  My Full List is .:HERE:.
Speaking of Advent Calendars, Lilliana is wearing a gift from the KittyCats Advent Calendar.  I promised more Designer Showcase last Post and I am delivering Today.  I have three Designer Exclusives from that Event {AnaMarkova}, Lindy, and Dulce Secrets.  The 120th Round of Designer Circle just started yesterday, I have a quick peek at IOS Poses Exclusive for the round.

Of course I will bring more from Designer Circle later this week.  I wanted to Blog two of my Sponsors in this Post, Poison Ivy Hair Salon and 7 Deadly s{K}ins.  It just so happened that I wore both of these Designers Rare Prizes for The Elephants Holiday Gacha Fair, so I have two items shown from that Event!  My last Designer I will talk about Today is another Sponsor,{ZOZ }.  I have {ZOZ’s} Exclusive from the RFL Winter Expo.  Lots of Holiday Cheer in Today’s Post, even the Photo Shoot Site!  Full Blog Post can be Found .:HERE:.

Friday, December 11, 2015

Frozzen Fair 2015, The Liaison Collaborative, Truth, WoW Skins, and Designer Showcase!

I’m finally giving you a full Frozzen Fair 2015 Post.  Today Lilliana is showing 4 different Designers Exclusives.  My Frozzen Fair Designers are LaVian, -mL-, WoW Skins and YoKana!

I revisited The Liaison Collaborative and picked up An Lar Poses second Exclusive.  Plus some newish Hair by Truth, and DaneMarkZ Exclusive  from the December Round at Designer Showcase. Original Blog Post .:HERE:.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Lavian @ Premium Only, Frozzen Fair 2015, Designer Circle, The Liaison Collaborative, 7 Deadly s{K}ins, {ZOZ} @ Winter Trend and a Quick Advent Freebie!

A promise I made in my last Post was more Frozzen Fair items.  At first I thought I had two Designer Exclusives from that Event, one of my items had the wrong Event on the notecard, so I have one Exclusive, No worries next Post more from Frozzen Fair.  My one Exclusive is #187#'s.  I have Lavian's Exclusive for Premium Only and I also have more Exclusives from Designer Circle, Loordes of London, Pelle and 7 Deadly s{K}ins.

A visit to Winter Trend, you'll see {ZOZ's} Exclusive and my last visit was to The Laison Collaborative.  A few Reminders on Dates, Frozzen Fair ends on December 16th, Winter Trend ends on December 18th, the current round over at Designer Circle changes this Saturday and The Liaison Collaborative just started their round on December 7th and won't end until December 30th. Original Blog Post Found .:HERE:.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Designer Circle, Frozzen Fair 2015, Poison Ivy Hair Salon @ Totally Top Shelf, [Hush] Skins New Release, and {ZOZ}!

I really tried to get this Post out yesterday, after putting up the Christmas Tree and decorating around the House in RL, I was exhausted and totally crashed.  You can definitely tell its the Winter Season.  Many SIMs are decorating with snow and everything Winter.

So maybe in Real Life Lilliana would not go out in the Winter without a coat, but this is Second Life and we do as we want.  I also like Frisland, the SIM is lovely.  The Post Today includes Exclusives from Designer Circle, Frozzen Fair, 2015, and Totally Top Shelf.  You'll see Designers like Pink Cherry, EnvyMe, Eternal Dream, Poison Ivy Hair Salon, [Hush] Skins, {Scene}, Indulge Temptation, and {ZOZ}.  Sound juicy?  Then come along on my blog post ride Today!  Original Blog Post Found .:HERE:.

Friday, December 4, 2015

[Phunk], Color Me Project, Latreia, Vestige Poses, Poison Ivy @ Winter Trend, WoW Skins, {ZOZ} @ Premium Only and Freebies!

I feel like I haven't done a post in a minute.  This time of year always get real busy, plus stressful and for some depression.  My motto is do your best, and take one day at a time and never stress the little stuff :)  I've been working hard on the Advent Calendar links.  did you notice my Advent Calendar Page above?  

I've confirm at least the first 25 stores, this weekend I hope to finish!  Today's Post is another Post where I'll have you visiting many different places, if you like what you see that is.  I have New  Releases, Exclusives from Color Me Project, Winter Trend, and Premium Only!  Original Blog Post .:HERE:.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Advent Calendars 2015

Today is December 1st, you know what that means, Advent Calendars begin!  I am in the process of updating my long list of participating stores.  Some Stores do a 24 Day Calendar and some do 12 Day calendars.  The 12 Day calendars begin 12 Days before Christmas Day on the 25th.

I have totally confirmed the first 10, I will be working all day Today trying to confirm the rest.  I have also added a page to my blog that has all of the stores and will be updated as I go.  Visit .:HERE:.
If you know of any Stores doing the Advent Calendar thing and I don't have them on my list below, let me know and I will add them.

Below is a list of Stores who have Advent Calendar for the days before Christmas. This list will be updated as I hear of more.  Enjoy! :D

To see the original Blog Post, Please go .:HERE:.