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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Designer Circle, Frozzen Fair 2015, Poison Ivy Hair Salon @ Totally Top Shelf, [Hush] Skins New Release, and {ZOZ}!

I really tried to get this Post out yesterday, after putting up the Christmas Tree and decorating around the House in RL, I was exhausted and totally crashed.  You can definitely tell its the Winter Season.  Many SIMs are decorating with snow and everything Winter.

So maybe in Real Life Lilliana would not go out in the Winter without a coat, but this is Second Life and we do as we want.  I also like Frisland, the SIM is lovely.  The Post Today includes Exclusives from Designer Circle, Frozzen Fair, 2015, and Totally Top Shelf.  You'll see Designers like Pink Cherry, EnvyMe, Eternal Dream, Poison Ivy Hair Salon, [Hush] Skins, {Scene}, Indulge Temptation, and {ZOZ}.  Sound juicy?  Then come along on my blog post ride Today!  Original Blog Post Found .:HERE:.

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