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Monday, July 27, 2009

Collars Galore!

So here is another one of those totally great Second Life finds!  Have you ever been to Temple of the Collar, the Open Collar Headquarters.  Well I haven't until today and let me tell you I along with you have been missing out!  I think I should also tell you that you must be "AV", Adult Verified, as it is an Adult SIM.

Take the ride I am offering below, join the group and start shopping.  All of the collars are free to the group. There is also a submissive AO,  harness gag and tons of really lovely collars all kinds of shapes and designs.  The Collars are all scripted! Just think of all the fun, Masters and Mistresses... There has got to be one that tickles your fancy!  There is more to see on floor 2 as well.

Definitely tip the fine designers, there is a tip board.  I need to say thank you to a dear friend of Lewis's and mine.  Demi thank you for this wonderful tip!

Open collar:

Friday, July 24, 2009

The Beginning of Another Weekend

Happy Friday All! Another start to a summer Weekend! Check out my finds below:

CS Fandango has a lovely casual outfit for their July Freebie. Take my SLURL touch the sign and the outfit is yours ladies. You get the top, jeans, jewelry and belt. Also peep below the July Freebie find and find 4 more boxed outfits for free, trust me they are all nice!

And if you have never been to Fandango, first definitely take a peek around. There are also two Midnight Mania Boards and two Lucky chairs.

CS Fandango:

New Dollarbie has just landed at [AV] Vlodvic. Ladies run over find the Urban Sixties Pink sign, pay the measly dollarbie and this simply adorable dress will be yours!

[AV] Vlodovic:

For a limited time, Nada's has a sweet little skin for $1 Linden. Upstairs third floor skin section look for my pic shown above and buy Nada's promo skin for a dollar!


Mix and match has some new bags for us girls. They are called Boho Bags and if you looked for the picture of the green bag, just like that picture I have above, well you can have it for a dollar! Another limited time offer, so if you want it, you have to got get it soon!

Join the scribo and touch the group gift sign you see and you can have three group gift delivered to you.

Mix and Match:

Don't leave the Mix and Match SIM so quickly. Jump on over to Good Girl Gone Bad Dollarbies. A cute little store with a whole bunch of items for 1 dollar. You can find skins, clothing, jewelry, tails and more. Worth a look!

Good Girl Gone Bad:

Monday, July 20, 2009

I'm Baccckkk!

Hi Aurora Town Fans, I am back sorry it's been a week. I am finding that RL and maintaining my SIM are keeping be away from this blog. I will definitely at least post once a week, more if I am able, so definitely don't give up and check back!

Today I am partaking in the "Slice of Summer" Hunt. It not too long only a little over a hundred participating Designers/Vendors. The list of participates is a good one, so this is one of those hunts you may want to do.

The hunt runs from July18th and will end on August9th. You are looking for Watermelons:)
Slice of Summer Blog. Go here for list of participating Designers/Vendors or Hints:

Slice of Summer Hunt Starting Point:

Ema's has a really cute July Freebie out. It's the Checks Bikini and Wrap, I likey, maybe you do as well, if you'd like yours, take my SLURL below.


[AV] Voldovic has two nifty little dresses. The Velvet Dress in Crimson is the group and Spring Dress Flowers is a Dollarbie. If you are feeling lucky, the matching shoes and Stockings for Spring Dress Flowers are in the lucky Boards. Good Luck!


Keep checking back today, as I am still going through my inventory. I am sure I will have some more goodies to post. Laters. Lilli is over and out! :)

So I am back already editing my posts.... Dany French has two new dollarbies one for the ladies and one for the men. Look at the picks above. Definitely a go see for both ladies and men as there are many dollarbies. I particularly like the black trench coats, there one for the females and one for the males. Go ahead take a chance and visit....

Dany French:

I am probably late with this find, but what the hell. So I am hunting in the Slice of Summer Hunt and am up to fifty something which is Izumiya.

I take a peek around really cute, clothing, accessories, shoes for both men and women. Went to the second floor and found a totally freebie room with some really cute and unique items!

some of my favs are pictured above, but there are many, many more! You have just got to go see, I say so! LOL


Monday, July 13, 2009

Who Doesn't Love Vinyl...

Vinyl Cafe and Fem Dom are at it again some great, great things available for free. First Vinyl Cafe has this awesome set of Brown Suede Chairs, table and Candles each item 0 Lindens.

Don't leave the Vinyl Cafe so quick, stop over at the Vinyl Cafe Fashions shop and pick up these crazy Red and Black Goth Laced Boots also for free, but for a limited time!

If you still can't get enough of the freeness at Vinyl Cafe, don't forget to look for the Cinderella shoe, as Vinyl is also participating in the Cinderella Hunt!

Now after you pick up all of your goodies at Vinyl Cafe, bunny hop over to The Dominion FemDom Fetish Shops, join their group and get this simply fantastic pair of Thigh-Hi Latex Boots with Color change laces!

Saturday, July 11, 2009


Encemble has this cute Alice in Wonderland Dress for 1 Linden. If you have time, there is also a Mini Hunt going on here at the Wonderland SIM. You are looking for little red bottles that say drink me. So Far, I have founds items from Thimbles, Donna Flora and Doppelganger.

Wonderland SIM:

One week later..

Hi everyone, yes it's been a week since I've posted last, sorry:( I have been literally trying to go through my massive inventory without telling exactly how big it is, it is definitely over 50,000... I would say that is pretty big:)

Let me begin by telling you today what is on my to do list. The "GorFest 2009", did you know there was such a thing of course why not. the fest start on July 8th and will run, I believe, until July 15th. Two SIMs full of everything Gorean. There are Events, gifties, great designers, the charity, etc.

Some of the Designers present are:
Worlds Apart
Gor-Jus Animations
Harbinger & Stormie Designs
The Great Serve
Tyranny Designs
and Many, Many more...

If you are a Gorean, into Gor, or just curious, you may want to take a wander around the fest.

GorFest 2009:

Next fun thing to do in SL today, and this one you midnight want to get there quick! The "Golden Apple Hunt" over at Dominion Fashion District. I say to get there fast, because the hunt ends tomorrow at midnight!

Many great Designers have added something special for this hunt, including RFyre, which doesn't happen that often.

The Dominion Fashion District:

Vignette has a Fat Pack Hair Freebie out. "Ellie" is free this week, you get the Fat pack for 0 Lindens.


There is a cute freebie available at Awesome Designs. The Dark Pink Ribbed Tank and shorts are free over at Awesome.


Friday, July 3, 2009

Quick and Fun on Saturday

So I published this page, then went in and added a fun item. A friend of mine put me up on this Fun activity to do in SL. Keep Reading if you want to find out what it is, there are freebies along with it.... :)

So while hunting in the Cinderella Hunt, one of the stops was "Trashy Girls". Very sexy Store. There is also a table right near the entrance and lookie, lookie.... Freebies and dollarbies all of the items in the picture above are either free or 1 linden dollar!

Trashy Girls:

Simply Britnee has cute hair for 1 Linden. Tiny is only one dollar a 4th of July special from Britnee, if you like you go fast, not sure how long it will be available. Since it is a special for the 4th of July, probably not long.

Simply Britnee:

My friend Demi told me about the "Heart Reef Resort". She told me about it a few days ago, almost forgot about it until she reminded me today. Thanks Girl! :)

Want to do something different in SL. Have a special someone you want to spend time with and do something fun at the same time? Set on the Greek SIM, on the island of Mykonos. You will find a teleportation board with a bunch of different tours you can participate in.

The one I thought was the most interesting was the scuba tour. Before you jump in that water don't forget to pick up your color change scuba gear. You get everything you see in the picture above for free. It looks very cool and since you can color change, we girls can match it to our bikinis! LOL! Give it a try, it was fun, don't forget to leave a tip. It was definitely cool!

Hear Resort:

Fourth of July Weekend

Hey Everyone! It's 4th of July Weekend, my Independence Day! Lots of happenings around the grid this weekend.

There is the "Cinderella Lost Slipper Hunt", which I will be participating in. Lots of great Designers taking part in this one. I am also a fan of the Cinderella Fairy Tale.

It's sponsored by Total Betty and while you are at Total Betty's, please stop by the main cross-road of the SIM. The SIM recently had a re-opening party, with lots of great gifts from Total Betty and the other resident vendors. There are gifts from MALT, Posh, Total Betty, etc.

If you want to join me, please use my link below to the starting point store, Total Betty's:


Cute White Boots with Black Ties can be found at Impanema Girl, for only 1 Linden Dollar.

Impanema Girl:

The LVS & Co. SIM is having another great Event. For the Fourth of July Weekend, a big sale, freebies and tons of dollarbies all over the SIM Ladies.

Pictured above are just a few of the items you will find scattered around the SIM. This is a definite go see!


GG's Boutique's Fourth of July Goodies. Whether you are looking for an outfit to wear to that party for the fourth or maybe you just want something new.

Everything you see above is available at GG's for 0 Lindens. A few are group gifts, where you will have to wear a group tag to get, a majority though are free for all. Oh Yeah, hey men, did you notice lots of hot stuff for you as well!


Kosh and Conrete Flowers has some new dollarbies out. Over at Kosh the very cool grafitti Sky box and Akaline Bracelet!

Concrete Flowers has the very cute Flower Shorts, you get all colors and the Swag Outfit each for 1 linden.


Concrete Flowers:

And for my last post a real good one if you are a member of the Baby Monkey group, which I can proudly say I am! Shoes! Lots of them.

First there is the lovely Aphrodite, next are the lovely Aqua Prim toe sandals, and for the kids sneakers and a cap, these are group gifts and you need to wear your group tag to get them

Also out are a pair of color change flip flops for 10 lindens and the very patriotic, patriot sandals for 50 Lindens, but if you are a group member 25 for you!

Baby Monkey:

That's all folks. A little something for everyone, I would say. If you are a fellow American I wish you a very happy 4th of July! If you are not, I wish you a simply wonderful weekend! Over and out, Lilli:)