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Friday, July 24, 2009

The Beginning of Another Weekend

Happy Friday All! Another start to a summer Weekend! Check out my finds below:

CS Fandango has a lovely casual outfit for their July Freebie. Take my SLURL touch the sign and the outfit is yours ladies. You get the top, jeans, jewelry and belt. Also peep below the July Freebie find and find 4 more boxed outfits for free, trust me they are all nice!

And if you have never been to Fandango, first definitely take a peek around. There are also two Midnight Mania Boards and two Lucky chairs.

CS Fandango:

New Dollarbie has just landed at [AV] Vlodvic. Ladies run over find the Urban Sixties Pink sign, pay the measly dollarbie and this simply adorable dress will be yours!

[AV] Vlodovic:

For a limited time, Nada's has a sweet little skin for $1 Linden. Upstairs third floor skin section look for my pic shown above and buy Nada's promo skin for a dollar!


Mix and match has some new bags for us girls. They are called Boho Bags and if you looked for the picture of the green bag, just like that picture I have above, well you can have it for a dollar! Another limited time offer, so if you want it, you have to got get it soon!

Join the scribo and touch the group gift sign you see and you can have three group gift delivered to you.

Mix and Match:

Don't leave the Mix and Match SIM so quickly. Jump on over to Good Girl Gone Bad Dollarbies. A cute little store with a whole bunch of items for 1 dollar. You can find skins, clothing, jewelry, tails and more. Worth a look!

Good Girl Gone Bad:

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