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Friday, July 3, 2009

Quick and Fun on Saturday

So I published this page, then went in and added a fun item. A friend of mine put me up on this Fun activity to do in SL. Keep Reading if you want to find out what it is, there are freebies along with it.... :)

So while hunting in the Cinderella Hunt, one of the stops was "Trashy Girls". Very sexy Store. There is also a table right near the entrance and lookie, lookie.... Freebies and dollarbies all of the items in the picture above are either free or 1 linden dollar!

Trashy Girls:

Simply Britnee has cute hair for 1 Linden. Tiny is only one dollar a 4th of July special from Britnee, if you like you go fast, not sure how long it will be available. Since it is a special for the 4th of July, probably not long.

Simply Britnee:

My friend Demi told me about the "Heart Reef Resort". She told me about it a few days ago, almost forgot about it until she reminded me today. Thanks Girl! :)

Want to do something different in SL. Have a special someone you want to spend time with and do something fun at the same time? Set on the Greek SIM, on the island of Mykonos. You will find a teleportation board with a bunch of different tours you can participate in.

The one I thought was the most interesting was the scuba tour. Before you jump in that water don't forget to pick up your color change scuba gear. You get everything you see in the picture above for free. It looks very cool and since you can color change, we girls can match it to our bikinis! LOL! Give it a try, it was fun, don't forget to leave a tip. It was definitely cool!

Hear Resort:

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