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Saturday, July 11, 2009

One week later..

Hi everyone, yes it's been a week since I've posted last, sorry:( I have been literally trying to go through my massive inventory without telling exactly how big it is, it is definitely over 50,000... I would say that is pretty big:)

Let me begin by telling you today what is on my to do list. The "GorFest 2009", did you know there was such a thing of course why not. the fest start on July 8th and will run, I believe, until July 15th. Two SIMs full of everything Gorean. There are Events, gifties, great designers, the charity, etc.

Some of the Designers present are:
Worlds Apart
Gor-Jus Animations
Harbinger & Stormie Designs
The Great Serve
Tyranny Designs
and Many, Many more...

If you are a Gorean, into Gor, or just curious, you may want to take a wander around the fest.

GorFest 2009:

Next fun thing to do in SL today, and this one you midnight want to get there quick! The "Golden Apple Hunt" over at Dominion Fashion District. I say to get there fast, because the hunt ends tomorrow at midnight!

Many great Designers have added something special for this hunt, including RFyre, which doesn't happen that often.

The Dominion Fashion District:

Vignette has a Fat Pack Hair Freebie out. "Ellie" is free this week, you get the Fat pack for 0 Lindens.


There is a cute freebie available at Awesome Designs. The Dark Pink Ribbed Tank and shorts are free over at Awesome.


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