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Monday, July 27, 2009

Collars Galore!

So here is another one of those totally great Second Life finds!  Have you ever been to Temple of the Collar, the Open Collar Headquarters.  Well I haven't until today and let me tell you I along with you have been missing out!  I think I should also tell you that you must be "AV", Adult Verified, as it is an Adult SIM.

Take the ride I am offering below, join the group and start shopping.  All of the collars are free to the group. There is also a submissive AO,  harness gag and tons of really lovely collars all kinds of shapes and designs.  The Collars are all scripted! Just think of all the fun, Masters and Mistresses... There has got to be one that tickles your fancy!  There is more to see on floor 2 as well.

Definitely tip the fine designers, there is a tip board.  I need to say thank you to a dear friend of Lewis's and mine.  Demi thank you for this wonderful tip!

Open collar:

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