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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Where'd She go?.... I'm Right here Silly!

LOL!  Yeah, Yeah it's been awhile since I posted and I can go on and tell you that I've been busy in both RL and SL. Let me save you all that dribble and just show you what I have for you all!

Somehow, someway I turned up on the OGlam SIM, hadn't heard of it, but here some of our favorite designers have opened up shops.  I found some nice freebies for both the men and women:

 Osmose Updo Hair Fat Pack. That cute chick  me (LOL), wearing the Soil Color.
Touch the Bird cage, receive for free.

 Maverick Designs Hunter shape for the men. Buy for 0 Lindens.

 Emotions Mel Dress. Buy for 0 Lindens.

Rispetto Designs Bello Brown Cardigan. Buy for 0 Lindens

 Faster Pussycat Magician's Assistant Dress (Shoes not included). Boxed on Table, buy for 0 Lindens.

All of the above items are from the O Glam SIM.  Walk Around check out the stores and buy, buy, buy. Below are other items I found around the Grid during my travels today.


Both the Boots and Pumps are freebies from
Artesfatta. You can find these on the freebie wall.  The pumps come in many, many colors.  There are also a pair of Red Boots an next to the wall is a box with a pair of Brown Boots.  Buy each for 0 Lindens.

Right next door to Artesfatta is B! Fashion.  At the front entrance is this lovely Red Mini, buy for 0 Lindens.  If you really like B! Fashion, join the group and you can get 3 more cute dresses.  Before you leave for all of the ice skating fans out there, there is a White Skating Dress by the ice skating rink, also 0 Lindens. 

B! Fashion Red Summer Dress.  Buy for 0 Lindens.

And last, but so not least a new Group Gift from Prism.  Chel in Christmas Tree. The perfect casual outfit to where during your Holiday Shopping.  Join the group for free touch the Outfit and it yours for free.

Chel by Prism Group Gift.

That's what I have for you now ladies and Gents.  Hope you find something to your liking. This is Lilli signing out.  See you around the Grid! *Kisses*

Friday, October 7, 2011

Finally a New Post! *Giggles*

This is a good one ladies and gents! FA Creations & Seduce. If you join the group, which will cost you all of $0 Lindens, look at all the niceties you could have.

 With your group tag proudly worn, take a stroll down the "Catwalk", its more like a grey brick road.  Start touching the lovely outfits as you go.  They are all free to group members.
Clothing for both men and women. So ladies bring your man, men bring your lady and pick up an item or two, or three or four (lol).  Ladies if you go into the FA Creations Main store, you can find two more cute dresses on the counter for free!

I only have a few pictures shown here, but in total there are 13 ladies items and  8 for the men, plus don't forget the 2 in the store for the women.  Worth the trip...


Friday, September 2, 2011

This, That and Some Other Things (LOL)

 Hi All! So what am I up to?  Well there are two great hunts going on, so I've been taking part in those festivities.  The American Bazaar Birthday Hunt, some great Designer Items there!  Of course the Twisted Hunt, my all-time Fav!

In the middle of hunting, I have been going through my inventory, reading notecards and checking landmarks from friends, who give my the skinny on some great finds.  With all of that said, take a peek down below, lots of great, great stuff for you!

Candy Metal Dollarbie.  Two for the price of one, wear it as a dress, or wear with the leggings for a pants outfit:)
Candy Metal Dollarbie

Jill's Group Gifts nice leather bracelets in Black, White and Brown.  Also the two bikini's pink and blue.  Group is free.
Jill Group Gifts:

BeautyCode join the group hit the two ads, and get these two nice skins ladies.  Free to join!
BeautyCode Group Gifts:

 Saw the outfit on another blog, never hear of the store, went to check it out.  Everything at Urban Girl is only 10 linden dollars, it does say promotion, so to me that idea may end.  My advice check it out soon!

Some nice items, Clothing, shoes, boots, skins and some Men's items as well.  The dress and the full avatar you see above are group gifts.  The Group is free to join.
Urban Girl Group Gifts:

Herberry has a cute freebie mini for everyone, buy for 0 Lindens.  There are also a few Group Gift boxes behind the counter.  I believe the group is free to join.
Herberry Freebie:

N-Core new Group Gift.  The Group is now open again for everyone to join and it is free.

Scandal T-Shirt from Sassy! New Group Gift, cute.  Join for Free.
Sassy! Group Gift:

 New Group gift and Freebie at 1 Hundred.  I have blogged the Mistress X dress before, it is the free Gift for everyone.  The Spring Breeze Dress is the Group Gift.  Group is free to join.
1 Hundred Group Gift & Freebie:

 Four nice Group Gifts at La Val Fashion ladies.  There are two lucky chairs as well.  The Group is free to join!
La Val Fashion:

That's what I got for You Yo!  LOL  Hope you find something of interest.  This is Lilli signing off on this beautiful day in New York, New York!  :)

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Prim & Pixels Sassy Sandals

Really cute Sandals over a tPrim and Pixel Paradise. Sassy are free right now to everyone.  Buy for 0 Lindens.


Mimi's Choice Part II

 Pink Fur Jacket Gizza:

Summer Hair by Orage Creations:

 LollipopZ Lia Hair Fat Pack:

 Moon & Starz Earrings Kitties Lair by Babette:

 Brown Suede Boots by FJ Designs:

 Aurore by AlaFolie:

 Champagne!!! 2nd Anniversary Gift:

Everything you see here and in Part 1 post all free, all at Mimi's Choice.  Follow my SLURLs and pick up what you like!  Enjoy!  Lilli:)

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Sweeter than Candy, Chop Zuey!

Two cute gifts for all the ladies in my house!  If you are a Sweeter than Candy Fan, take my limo below to STC's new location and pick of Odette and Zoey.

STC has moved and Candace Morgwain the face behind STC's Brand has graciously place these two items out as "opening" Gifts in honor of her move to a larger location.  They will be available for a while and are available for everyone to just pick up for 0 Lindens!

Sweeter than Candy:

Next up on this lovely Saturday, I have new Group Gifts from Chop Zuey.  Chop is one of my personal favorite Jewelry Stores.  These 4 gifts are available right now, if you are a Group Member that is.
So the skinny on Chop is that there is a $250 Dollar fee, but let me tell ya Belle Roussel, Ms. Chop Zuey herself changes the gifts I believe every other week.  Well it seems that way.  There are always 2 for the Men and 2 for the ladies.  If you join today and pick up all 4 gifties, you have gotten your Lindens back already.
Ladies you can surely wear the Men's items, I do it all the time.  Men you can wear the ladies items as well, but I don't know if you really want to...  LOL, whatever floats your boat! :)

Chop Zuey:

That's what I have at the moment Fans, I should be back with more later!  PEACE! :)