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In-World, Aurora Town Zindra is a Picturesque Old World European Style Residential / Commerical set on an Adult.
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Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas Eve!

Merry Christmas everyone! I wish all of you a very, very Happy Holidays Season, filled with love, joy and Peace! May your lives be filled with much Happiness! :)

My first stop this morning was Mashooka. Ladies there are 2 beautiful dollarbies dresses for all of you.
On the left it is the Green Holi Gown and on the right its the red hot Glitter Mini. If you like and want your copy, please feel free to take my personal ride below...


Next Stop Boom! Over at Boom for the low, low price of 0 Lindens, is the uber cute Snowflake dress. Free to all.

Also at boom if you are a Scribo Member as a Customer Appreciation gift is this lovely Red Scarf. I like it, nice and long and pretty!


SySy's was my next stop. Under the Christmas Tree at SySy Chapman's main Store, you can find the very, very lovely LuLu Mini in Red.

The dress is 0 Lindens for you, me and everyone. To get yours ladies just click on the SLURL below.


There is a really beautiful Holiday dollarbie at DCNY. For a mere 1 Linden, ladies you can get your hands on the beautiful 2010 Holiday Dress. I think it is very lovely!

Also the regular winter dollarbie stripped Gloves with Matching Socks. If you have never been to DCNY, you might want to pick up all of the other dollarbies available. Look up, lots to be had...


My other stops today were to Chop Zuey and Ivalde. I pick up the advent gifts for today. I have blogged both previously, check for the LMs. That is what I got for you today. I am feverishly going through my inventory and notecards. If I find anything else that I like, I will post later. Have a wonderful day today! Lilli:)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Pelletteria Morrisey and a Little "Chop Suey"

Hi Aurora Town Fans! Shopping around the Grid as always, and here is what I found for you. Hope something here tickles your fancy and makes you smile!

Pelletteria Morrisey has a cute pair of boots for Christmas boots, 0 Lindens. I also found These great Horsewomen Boots also free.
If you have never been to Pelletteria, then look around and pick up the other freebies. There are a few. :)

.:Pelletteria Morrisey:.:

Chop Suey a Lilliana Fav! 12 days of Christmas event going on here, Oh Happy Day (I mean that)! 12 gifts available.

10 gifts are already out. The good news is that if you join the group, you can still get all of them. You must be in the group to get the gifts.

The items I am showing are just a few, as I said right now there are 10, by Christmas there will be 12. What woman does not like jewelry? I love Chop I hope you will too!

Chop Suey:

Friday, December 17, 2010

Tara Shoes

Tara Shoes Freebies! When you TP in, you will see the Holiday version of H Heels Sensations. They are free, so go ahead and take your copy.

Take a look around and at one of the seating areas, on the coffee table are these beauties. Woman Bondage of lust Shoes. Touch the box wait a few and your delivery should arrive shortly.
There is also a freebie/dollarbie table. You will find some clothing and some more shoes. If you join the group and you can slap about 8 MM Boards. There are also about 10 Lucky Boards, 5 needs a group tag the other 5 anyone can win. I spent a little time here.... :)

Tara Shoes:

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Sweet Finds!

While out finishing up the Happy Holidays from... Hunt, I came on a store I have never been too. Imagine that a store I haven't found until now. The Secret Store, really cute items for us girls.

In the back of the store there is a table of oh so sweet freebies! There is a Black Jacket, White Top, Brown Mod Flexi Dress, a Chair, Leggings, Blue top and Two Pairs of Stockings! Sweet!! Nice job Maylee Oh, Thank You!

The Secret Store:

How about this sweet deal, dollarbie prim toe sandals? Not one pair, but two. Jador has them for us ladies! Go get them girls!:)


Favorite Holiday Things....

Christmas time in second life, you gotta love it. So many things to do, so many great freebies to find. These are just a few of my favorite things I have uncovered in the past few weeks.

The Peace on Earth Hunt. A good one, but a long one. There are 285 items to be searched out. Lots of great SL Content creators take part. This year marks the 3rd year of the hunt.

The POE3 Hunt started on December 1st and lasts until January 3rd, plenty of time for you to find everything. You are looking for earth globes. Follow the link below for the starting point!

POE3 Hunt:
Aurora Borealis:
(Starting Point)

Ivalde Vintage and Retro Fashion. Every year Neferia Abel, designer of Ivalde has her annual Advent Gift Event. Staring on December 1st and for the entire Month of December you can find a different gift each day.

I love the clothing here. I am a little late blogging this as we are already on day 11. Maybe you will as well!


Stone Misery Pre-Fabs and Furniture. On the second floor of S.M.'s store there is a Christmas tree with 3 Christmas gifts for free. In those 3 boxes, you can find the above items. There are also items for sale around the tree, so if you don't want to purchase the for sale items, please be careful.

There are also 4 Midnight Mania Boards!

Stone Misery:

Perfumed Rope is absolutely a personal favorite of mine. I am not sure if you have to be in the group for this one. Each day Rainey DeCuir is setting out a different MM Board with some great, great items from her store. Almost everything is menu driven with great interactions.

There will be a total of 12. We are on day 3 here, but you can still take part and try to get Day 1 and Day 2 items. I would recommend joining the group as there are lots of perks to being a member. There are times during the Month when there is a fee to join and times when it is free.

If you are into the Gorean lifestyle, I think you will appreciate Perfumed Rope!

Perfumed Rope:

I love Kabuki Creations Poses. Go to the second floor and you will find all of these great poses and poses with props for free!

The first photo is the Holiday Gift. A rideable train! Totally cute to place and ride around your Tree, great fun if you have little ones:)


I am in the middle of doing the Happy Holidays from... Hunt. You have to pay $10 Lindens when you find the items, but the designers taking part are A-One! Starting point is Ispachi your personal ride below.

Happy Holidays from.... Hunt:
(Starting Point)

I completed the FTLO Ice Festival Hunt. Sponsored by it's Cake. Great Designers have set up small satellite stores here with specially marked-down items. They also all took part in the Snowflake Hunt.

You are looking for, what else, Icy Snowflakes. Small Hunt so it's easily done in a few hours. Quality Designers

FTLO Ice Festival

Another Hunt I finished was the Snowflake Experience Hunt. Like the FTLO, many satellite stores here of some great designers. Profits here benefit Toys for Tots.

There are 4 separate nicely done little areas. You are looking for small candy canes. This is also a small hunt, so quick and easy!

The Snowflake Experience:

Alrighty, I have blogged lost of stuff today, feeling a little guilty that I haven't posted anything in a while. As you can see this girl has been a busy one! I hope you find something here of interest or maybe something that will get you int he holiday mood.

Signing off for now! Kisses Lil:)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Announcing! Big News! - Axiom!

(Skin: Charis Tan, Hair: Kennocha)

RH Engel and Wicked Magic are welcoming a new brand venture to the RH Designs family! They have created a line of exquisitely designed Men's, Women's Hairs and Accessories, as well as some beautifully detailed fantasy skins.

(Skin: Charis Drow Mask, Hair: Toireasa)

Lucky me, I have the privilege of getting my hands on a few samples to show all of you. I tend to be very picky with my skins, I don't like the way many look on me, but not this time. I was pleasantly surprised, I have been running around SL with the Charis Tan, since I got it and will definitely be wearing the rest. (Lilliana starts counting her Lindens, figuring out how many more she is able to purchase)

(Skin: Charis Undead Mascare Tears, Hair: Toireasa)

I am in love with each and everyone of them, can you be in love with a Skin? The skins were created my Wicked herself and the Hairs were created by RH. Just like the Rebel Hope SIM, Axiom is lovely, there are a lot of places to explore and relax, so be sure to check it out when you visit.

(Limited Time Gift Skin and Hair)

With the Grand Opening of Axiom, you can find a couple of complimentary items a hair and skin gift, be sure to come by and pick yours up. They are located on table in the main area of the building, look for the treasure chests!

Axiom: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Axiom/28/28/22

Friday, November 5, 2010

New at Sole Sisters

Cliothe Luo from Sole Sisters recently dropped some lovely new items on me. New at Sole Sisters are the Monica Sandal w/color change prim feet & toe nails, Autumn Boots, Nicole Ankle Boot w/color change prim toes & toe nails, and Sheryl Purse.

Let me break it down for you. The Monica sandals are 200 lindens per pair and 1,000 for a fat pack of 7 pairs, plus an added bonus the Monica Bag!

The Autumn Boots, these are hot. Not only are they nice with a capital N, but right now they are on sale 50 lindens per pair and only 250 lindens for the fat pack!

Nicole Ankle Boots, these along with the Sheryl Purse are the newest items that have been added at Sole Sisters. The Nicoles include the color change prim toes and toe nail hud and like the Monica are 200 lindens per pair and 1,000 for the fat pack. I have 3 pairs of these myself...:)

Lastly but certainly not least, we have the Sheryl Handbag. I personally love this bag because it definitely is something that in my RL, I would probably walk around Manhattan working it! The Sheryl Handbags are 75 lindens per bag or 500 for a fat pack.

Oh did I forget to mention, that you can get the white version of all Sole Sister's shoes and handbags for just 1 linden, hmmm silly me.. LOL

This girl is definitely a Sole Sisters fan, you can have nice quality shoes for a nice price! Run Ladies!


Friday, November 5th - My Special Day!

Happy Birthday to me! Yep it's my RL Birthday. Enough about me, but then again isn't it all about me.. Lewis took pic of me, it was on Halloween. LOL

I found a really, really great bunch of group gifts for the always lovely ladies of SL. Join the S@BBIA group and get not one, not two, not even three gifts, but 9 sweet items.

There are 6 outfits, a pair of short boots, knee socks and tights. Some of the furniture is for sale, I bagged the dressing table, mirror and chair w/sit poses all for 3 lindens and for lucky board fans you can find 3.

Everything is so adorable and extremely reasonable in price. Time for a new outfit Ladies! When you are on-line today, say hi and wish me a happy day today!



Sunday, October 31, 2010

U&R Dogs

Told you I would have more... U&R Dogs, love this jewelry designer. There is a lovely, lovely necklace available for you today. Find the pumpkin in my picture and the necklace is yours! Go get it girls, it is truly beautiful!


Happy Halloween!

I don't think I have to tell anyone that there are many Halloween Hunts going on, both mini and grid-wide. Lots of great Halloween freebies to find there including non-Halloween themed items.

I been hoping in and out of my favorite stores checking out if they are involved and picking up what I like instead of completing the entire hunt. My inventory thanks me:)

So instead of posting the hunts, this is what I found. Donna Flora, I haven't been there in like Months, found the LM in my inventory and took a quick peek there.

Very glad I did. Ladies there are some really nice items for either 1 or 0 lindens. The Pink Manon Glasses are a freebie, the Yellow Alice Wedge Pumps are 1 Linden, the Pink Pumps were the Easter Gift and are a freebie, next are the Violetta Earrings for 1 Linden and last is the Pink Bijoux Dress for 1 Linden.

So, let's tally up here, you do realize that for 2 Linden Dollars you get an entire cute outfit. The Glasses, Pink Pumps, Violetta Earrings and Bijoux Dress, totally match. Where in the real world can you ever match that? You gotta love SL! LOL

Donna Flora: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Bonin/242/138/23

Check back later, going through my massive inventory, I may have something more! Lilli:)

Monday, October 11, 2010

Aurora Town Rentals Available!

Aurora Town Zindra Residential Rentals

Lewis Parker and I have been in the rental business for over 3 years. We understand that the finer things in-world are what many Second Life Residents are searching for. We offer a wide range of home styles for you to choose from.

Are you currently looking for a home, your own little get away on an Adult SIM, but you don't want to purchase land and have a tier fee? We recently redesigned our SIM and it is truly spectacular!

We offer everything needed for a happy living experience with prices that are unmatched. We have prim packages to accommodate your lifestyle, so you have the freedom of decorating your home, your way. We will try our very best to work within your budget, come talk with us.

The pictures here are only a few of the available homes we have on our Sim and a half. Stop Searching and Check us out today! We have some vacancies now, but don't wait too long we fill up fast! Start living where the living is unrestricted!

Paceglen Home Rentals: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Paceglen/27/96/51

Sporbus Marketplace: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Sporbus/221/192/53

All of This and More!

Hey There! Happy Columbus Day!

Here is a little bit of what I did while logged on to SL this week. I Started with the 2010 Jewelry Fair. The best of the best in SL jewelry Design are here. Lots of new and beautiful items being shown. Yeah, yeah there may be a few freebies/dollarbies around, maybe 1 or 2 or 3 or 4... LOL

The Fair is on 4 SIMs. My SLURL below will take you to SIM 1. Be sure to buy something from one of the charity vendors or just donate a few Lindens Dollars if you can. This years charity is Oxfam.


Cute group gift over at SLC. Join the group, on the counter near the entrance you will see the witch outfit boxed and ready for you to TP in and grab.

If you have a little time. Owner Serina Lacava is having a hunt for Xandra. Hidden in her store are 6 boxes, if you find all 6 Xandra is yours. You get the entire outfit boots and jewelry included. The hunt is in celebration of her Grand Re-Opening.

Lastly there is also a very nice outfit in the MM Board only 130 participants needed. I am not sure how long both of these items will be available, but if you like them, my advice don't wait too long.


If you have never heard of Peppermintblue, well for newbies this could be paradise. Each Month there is new groups gifts and freebies if your not in the group as well.

In addition to these monthly gets, there is an entire freebie store. The best part... you do not only get the entire outfit, clothes, jewelry shoes, but most of the time also hair skin and shape. SL Gentlemen its for you as well!


Freebie Store:

DCNY FALL 2010, new annual Fall Dollarbies! Yep not one but 5 new dollarbies from DCNY for Fall. First stop Main Store, where you will find the Autumn Peach Dress.

Before you your leave the first stop, if you have never been to DCNY look up and pick up some of the other dollarbies that have been offered.

I've only uploaded the image of the Peach dress found at my first SLURL below, but have added all the SLURLs to all of DCNY's stores. A bit lazy on my part today.

Peaches: http://slurl.com/secondlife/The%20City/138/31/1001

Pink: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Haute%20Couture/233/232/23

Green: http://slurl.com/secondlife/ICON%20Lifestyle%20II/94/120/22

Cream: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Laguna%20Arenal/179/27/24

Blue: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Casablanca%20Boulevard/232/204/35

Keep a look out I am going through my inventory notecards. I may have more happenings or finds to blog. Love to Ya All! Lil:)