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Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas Eve!

Merry Christmas everyone! I wish all of you a very, very Happy Holidays Season, filled with love, joy and Peace! May your lives be filled with much Happiness! :)

My first stop this morning was Mashooka. Ladies there are 2 beautiful dollarbies dresses for all of you.
On the left it is the Green Holi Gown and on the right its the red hot Glitter Mini. If you like and want your copy, please feel free to take my personal ride below...


Next Stop Boom! Over at Boom for the low, low price of 0 Lindens, is the uber cute Snowflake dress. Free to all.

Also at boom if you are a Scribo Member as a Customer Appreciation gift is this lovely Red Scarf. I like it, nice and long and pretty!


SySy's was my next stop. Under the Christmas Tree at SySy Chapman's main Store, you can find the very, very lovely LuLu Mini in Red.

The dress is 0 Lindens for you, me and everyone. To get yours ladies just click on the SLURL below.


There is a really beautiful Holiday dollarbie at DCNY. For a mere 1 Linden, ladies you can get your hands on the beautiful 2010 Holiday Dress. I think it is very lovely!

Also the regular winter dollarbie stripped Gloves with Matching Socks. If you have never been to DCNY, you might want to pick up all of the other dollarbies available. Look up, lots to be had...


My other stops today were to Chop Zuey and Ivalde. I pick up the advent gifts for today. I have blogged both previously, check for the LMs. That is what I got for you today. I am feverishly going through my inventory and notecards. If I find anything else that I like, I will post later. Have a wonderful day today! Lilli:)

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