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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Pelletteria Morrisey and a Little "Chop Suey"

Hi Aurora Town Fans! Shopping around the Grid as always, and here is what I found for you. Hope something here tickles your fancy and makes you smile!

Pelletteria Morrisey has a cute pair of boots for Christmas boots, 0 Lindens. I also found These great Horsewomen Boots also free.
If you have never been to Pelletteria, then look around and pick up the other freebies. There are a few. :)

.:Pelletteria Morrisey:.:

Chop Suey a Lilliana Fav! 12 days of Christmas event going on here, Oh Happy Day (I mean that)! 12 gifts available.

10 gifts are already out. The good news is that if you join the group, you can still get all of them. You must be in the group to get the gifts.

The items I am showing are just a few, as I said right now there are 10, by Christmas there will be 12. What woman does not like jewelry? I love Chop I hope you will too!

Chop Suey:

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