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Sunday, June 28, 2009

BabyDoll's Freebie Quickie

One of the first quality women's clothing store I learned about has some new items. Ruched Heart Bikini's and Cherry Blossom Chinese Dress, both of these items come in a lovely array of colors, but pay close attention to the Purple Bikini and Blue Dress, as they are free for you today!


Friday, June 26, 2009

A Lovely, Lovely Saturday in New York

Today in New York we woke up to a wonderfully beautiful sunny day. The past few weeks we have had a lot of rain, so you can see why I am so happy. Almost felt like I was transported to Seattle for a minute there! LOL Enough chatter, on the the goodies read below....

Calling all you Thalia fans. First pic or that cute lavender dress is Thalia's new Profile Pick Gift. The second pic are the 4 June outfits for group members. If you hadn't pick up yours like I didn't, you should do it now! I say so! LOL


Sugarcube sweet ladies shop. First time I have been there. Go to the mainstore and touch both the chopsticks holder dress and the green halter Boxes. You will receive both item and be automatically signed-up to the update group.

If you go the Sugarcube's Fashion Mode location. There is another lovely dress waiting for you.

Sugarcube Mainstore:

PeppermintBlue has lots and lots of newness. Over at the Main Bar in SilkRoad Site. 3 complete ladies outfits and 1 mens. PeppermintBlue calls their gifts Assistance Packs. They include everything you see in the picture from the outfits, Shoes, Skins, but does not include the Hair.

The newest goings on at PeppermintBlue is that yesterday they opened a totally free Store. So if you are a fan, there is now an entire store of free Items! Whoo-Hoo! To get to the store you can take the SLURL I have below, once you arrive, you will need to take one of the blue Teleport Pads.

PeppermintBlue SilkRoad:

Free Store:

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Next Free, Click Next Freebie....

I walked into a very, very cute store today, "Fairy Tail". Have you ever been? I hadn't. Lots of jewelry, some shoes and Dollarbies / Freebies, oh my!

I found square cut bangle bracelets, a rose ring, necklace, belly jewels, little gift boxes and if you are a group member. A great group gift "jewelry nails", which are gem color changing prim nails.

I also saw this sign which said next freebie click here, so i touched it. After I touched the sign it opened up my map and opened a new location, so I teleported.

I landed in an entirely different store named "Zephis", and in front of a new wall of freebies! Dresses, and Some Jewelry. Be careful, only the second shelf holds freebies, unless something has caught your eye and you want to purchase.

Again I see the freebie click here sign. Of course, I touched it again... and you guessed it! My map opened and I telported to another store. This time it was called "Ryouta Works". Sandals and AFK items were available for free here and yes that freebie click here sign was there as well.

Mauloa island is where I ended up. Ladies items T-shirts and dresses and another sign....

You know I touched the sign again... Arare Cafe was the next stop. A total Japanese owned stored with a display of a bunch of freebie items. The only problem I found here was I don't understand Japanese, so I have no idea what some of the items are.

There was that sign again, but Ladies and gentlemen this is where my journey ended for the night. I started to figure this could be never ending... It was a lot of fun though! Try it let me know what you think or if you found other great items:)

Fairy Tail:


:=:Ryouta Works:=:

**Mauloa island**:

Arare Cafe

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Almost a Week

Wow! so like my title says its been almost a week since my last post. Sorry about that Aurora Town Fans. I have been a busy girl! I have been spending time at the 2009 Hair Fair and Retrology Hunt.

Sorry everyone I believe the Retrology Hunt is over, but the Hair Fair is still going on and if you want my opinion you need to stop-by. Lots ands lots of lovely new hair, a great, great cause and yep freebies there as well. Take a look at some of the other blogs, many of them are posting the goodies at the Hair Fair.

Without further ado, my posts for...

Str8t 98 has Diva for 0 Lindens right now. If you like the sexy little flexi mini, why not take a trip.


Ladies Hop on over to Style Innovatorz you can pick up two dollarbies. The lovely Tada and Bubbles outfit of jeans and half shirt. While you are there spend a little more time and check out the other outfits. Pretty nice stuff!


Make sure Rock Me Amadeus is on your to do list this week ladies. There is a new Dollarbie. The light and airy Blossoming Spring is out now!


Prism has a new hot dollarbie! It's called Honey Bee and as usual with most of Journey's dollarbies, you get those nice boots as well!


Really cute summer outfit for you Girls! Its from a store called Moulliez! The outfit is called Analise White and Its Free! What else do you need to know? Go on, get it! LOL


L.A. Couture has one for the ladies on one for the men. Near the entrance there are two gift boxes. The ladies contain the red vixen stiletto's and the men's contains the jogging shorts and both are absolutely free!


I think I will end tonight's blog posting w/some pink Latex Lingerie. The Lingerie is this weeks freebie over at Nada's. Before you leave.... look to your right-hand side there you will see a bunch of freebies! Some nice stuff there, worth the look!


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That

Join Heart Couture's Scribo, check the messages and get the beautiful Jolie, in Mint Green!

Heart Couture:

There is a $1 Outfit Hunt over at Peeps. 10 of their outfits are marked down to just $1 Linden. Find the outfit, buy them, it's that easy!

Not really sure how long this will last so you might want to get there fast!


3 Dollarbies from WhoNose. 1 in each of there locations, if you get all three you will have an entire outfit!:)

The Picnic Dress can be found in location #1 or the Monkey Mall. The Matching Pumps are in location #2 or LVS. All of the accessories including the cute picnic basket are in the location #3 or the newest location of Gloomyville.

Before you runn off, do be sure to check out each store as there are other items priced as low at 1L, 5L, 10L and 25L.

WhoNose the Monkey Mall:

WhoNose LVS Drive:

WhoNose Gloomyville:

Wednesday, Just Call it Ladies Day!

It's great to be a girl, I say! Lots of great finds for the women of Second Life or the cross dressers... LOL Whateva floats ya boats:)Read on!

Donna Flora has a new dollarbie the very cute Alma can be found on the table near the entrance, along with a bunch of other dollarbies, freebies and cheapies!

Donna Flora:

There is a whole lot going on over at Irresistible. First a Heart Hunt find 5 different color hearts buy them for 0 Lindens each, get 5 different outfits.

In addition to the hunt, there is a new freebie, plus 4 new dollarbies. While you are hunting or picking up the specials, you may get lucky enough with the lucky boards there are about 6 of them.

Ladies this is a must stop on your shopping list.


Newness at Ibizarre. On the counter at the main entrance is a pink bag. The pink bag contains the new freebie "Pink Snake Outfit". Capri pants, mid-driff bearing top and belt.

Join the scribo and receive the lovely lingerie pictured above. Also on the counter are two more bags, plus a fat pack of nail polish, in case you haven't gotten these items yet.


6 Cheapies over at Wicked Garden on the first floor. Ten dollar gowns fresh for the picking! LOL

Wicked Garden:

Join the update group over at Felicity, buy the gold box on the table and receive these simply stunning Pink Sandals called Celeste.


Hot new dollarbie available at Luna's Boutique. On the second floor you will find Net pictured above, along with a wall full of great freebies for the ladies.

If you have never been to Luna's, another must see. Great, great outfits!


Monday, June 15, 2009

Jewelry, Gowns and Pink Candy

New Ommik dollarbie jewelry set. Bohek can be found on the small table by the door.


Seldom Blue has opened a new location, with the new location comes a dollarbie and a couple of freebies.

The Pink is Seldom's Freebie and has been available for a while. The Petra Gown is a hidden freebie, look for a box in the new store. The Stellar Gown is your dollarbie.

Seldom Blue:

Lastly, a dollarbie from a new store Chat'Teigne. The dress is called Pink Candy and can be found right at the front of store.


Dollarbies, Group Gifts, Freebies and Cheapies!

Been a few days. I have a back log of notecards and new items. Here is what I was able to go through so far....

Red & Black Dollarbie Mini at E&R.


If you are a young girl Avatar you may like Design by Princess. Two dollarbie dress Liza and Jullie. Join the group and pick up a plethora of other freebies.

Design by Princess:

Sky Girl Freebie is the top pic. Lots of Cheapies all for 10 Lindens. Only a few pictured above. Hurry limited time offer here.

Shameless Caleta:

Some finds for them men. Nice Gentleman's Suit and a man's Shape free. Don't forget to look for the "MHO" Hunt gift. Really nice Men's shop.

NachtMusik: a Dandy shop:

A very cute new freebie over at Ema's, called Ha! Get it below!