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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tuesday Always Better Then Monday

How much do you like Peppermint Blue? Well if you peep below and read on, you may just love them. Peppermint Blue has 5 full outfits 4 for the ladies and one for the men!

All you have to do is go to 3 different locations and I just so happen to have your rides waiting to take you to each location!

Silk Road Location:

FS City Location:

Don't Ask Location:

The Dominion Group Gift "New York, New York", which a set of lovely stockings and includes a wonderful skybox with a window scene of what else? New York!

Get yours here: http://slurl.com/secondlife/The%20Dominion/202/208/30

After you pick up your New York, New York Skybox gift. Take a little walk over to "Shouted", where you can find these smoking Heartbreaker Red Pumps free for everyone. These Pumps are only available for a limited time at this price, so if ya want em, you might want to get there quick!


As usual when The Dominion has something nice for their Groupies, so does Vinyl Cafe. How about a view of Paris at night right from your Skybox? Vinyl Cafe has the Stockings and Skybox with a night view of Paris. Gotta wear your group tag for this one as well!

Vinyl Cafe:

There is a cool little hunt going on over at Kinky Island. I know not another hunt right? Well this one has items from the stores on Kinky Island such as Adored, Inks & Kinks, Fusion Design, etc.

You should start at Inks & Kinks Main Store. Find the box pictured here. Touch it and get your first clue. Follow the clues and get "Not Yet Released Items". I can guarantee quality items in this one!

Start here:

The Owner of Wetherby's has a daily freebie, not a weekly, nor monthly, but daily. Pretty cool of her. Today's Freebie is the sophisticated B&W Two-Piece Ponte Dress you see here. To make your shopping pleasure hassle free, there are always a lovely pair of shoes to advertised by all of the dresses here and priced at a mere 20 Lindens!


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