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Friday, June 26, 2009

A Lovely, Lovely Saturday in New York

Today in New York we woke up to a wonderfully beautiful sunny day. The past few weeks we have had a lot of rain, so you can see why I am so happy. Almost felt like I was transported to Seattle for a minute there! LOL Enough chatter, on the the goodies read below....

Calling all you Thalia fans. First pic or that cute lavender dress is Thalia's new Profile Pick Gift. The second pic are the 4 June outfits for group members. If you hadn't pick up yours like I didn't, you should do it now! I say so! LOL


Sugarcube sweet ladies shop. First time I have been there. Go to the mainstore and touch both the chopsticks holder dress and the green halter Boxes. You will receive both item and be automatically signed-up to the update group.

If you go the Sugarcube's Fashion Mode location. There is another lovely dress waiting for you.

Sugarcube Mainstore:

PeppermintBlue has lots and lots of newness. Over at the Main Bar in SilkRoad Site. 3 complete ladies outfits and 1 mens. PeppermintBlue calls their gifts Assistance Packs. They include everything you see in the picture from the outfits, Shoes, Skins, but does not include the Hair.

The newest goings on at PeppermintBlue is that yesterday they opened a totally free Store. So if you are a fan, there is now an entire store of free Items! Whoo-Hoo! To get to the store you can take the SLURL I have below, once you arrive, you will need to take one of the blue Teleport Pads.

PeppermintBlue SilkRoad:

Free Store:

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