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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wednesday, Just Call it Ladies Day!

It's great to be a girl, I say! Lots of great finds for the women of Second Life or the cross dressers... LOL Whateva floats ya boats:)Read on!

Donna Flora has a new dollarbie the very cute Alma can be found on the table near the entrance, along with a bunch of other dollarbies, freebies and cheapies!

Donna Flora:

There is a whole lot going on over at Irresistible. First a Heart Hunt find 5 different color hearts buy them for 0 Lindens each, get 5 different outfits.

In addition to the hunt, there is a new freebie, plus 4 new dollarbies. While you are hunting or picking up the specials, you may get lucky enough with the lucky boards there are about 6 of them.

Ladies this is a must stop on your shopping list.


Newness at Ibizarre. On the counter at the main entrance is a pink bag. The pink bag contains the new freebie "Pink Snake Outfit". Capri pants, mid-driff bearing top and belt.

Join the scribo and receive the lovely lingerie pictured above. Also on the counter are two more bags, plus a fat pack of nail polish, in case you haven't gotten these items yet.


6 Cheapies over at Wicked Garden on the first floor. Ten dollar gowns fresh for the picking! LOL

Wicked Garden:

Join the update group over at Felicity, buy the gold box on the table and receive these simply stunning Pink Sandals called Celeste.


Hot new dollarbie available at Luna's Boutique. On the second floor you will find Net pictured above, along with a wall full of great freebies for the ladies.

If you have never been to Luna's, another must see. Great, great outfits!


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