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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Next Free, Click Next Freebie....

I walked into a very, very cute store today, "Fairy Tail". Have you ever been? I hadn't. Lots of jewelry, some shoes and Dollarbies / Freebies, oh my!

I found square cut bangle bracelets, a rose ring, necklace, belly jewels, little gift boxes and if you are a group member. A great group gift "jewelry nails", which are gem color changing prim nails.

I also saw this sign which said next freebie click here, so i touched it. After I touched the sign it opened up my map and opened a new location, so I teleported.

I landed in an entirely different store named "Zephis", and in front of a new wall of freebies! Dresses, and Some Jewelry. Be careful, only the second shelf holds freebies, unless something has caught your eye and you want to purchase.

Again I see the freebie click here sign. Of course, I touched it again... and you guessed it! My map opened and I telported to another store. This time it was called "Ryouta Works". Sandals and AFK items were available for free here and yes that freebie click here sign was there as well.

Mauloa island is where I ended up. Ladies items T-shirts and dresses and another sign....

You know I touched the sign again... Arare Cafe was the next stop. A total Japanese owned stored with a display of a bunch of freebie items. The only problem I found here was I don't understand Japanese, so I have no idea what some of the items are.

There was that sign again, but Ladies and gentlemen this is where my journey ended for the night. I started to figure this could be never ending... It was a lot of fun though! Try it let me know what you think or if you found other great items:)

Fairy Tail:


:=:Ryouta Works:=:

**Mauloa island**:

Arare Cafe

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