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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Almost a Week

Wow! so like my title says its been almost a week since my last post. Sorry about that Aurora Town Fans. I have been a busy girl! I have been spending time at the 2009 Hair Fair and Retrology Hunt.

Sorry everyone I believe the Retrology Hunt is over, but the Hair Fair is still going on and if you want my opinion you need to stop-by. Lots ands lots of lovely new hair, a great, great cause and yep freebies there as well. Take a look at some of the other blogs, many of them are posting the goodies at the Hair Fair.

Without further ado, my posts for...

Str8t 98 has Diva for 0 Lindens right now. If you like the sexy little flexi mini, why not take a trip.


Ladies Hop on over to Style Innovatorz you can pick up two dollarbies. The lovely Tada and Bubbles outfit of jeans and half shirt. While you are there spend a little more time and check out the other outfits. Pretty nice stuff!


Make sure Rock Me Amadeus is on your to do list this week ladies. There is a new Dollarbie. The light and airy Blossoming Spring is out now!


Prism has a new hot dollarbie! It's called Honey Bee and as usual with most of Journey's dollarbies, you get those nice boots as well!


Really cute summer outfit for you Girls! Its from a store called Moulliez! The outfit is called Analise White and Its Free! What else do you need to know? Go on, get it! LOL


L.A. Couture has one for the ladies on one for the men. Near the entrance there are two gift boxes. The ladies contain the red vixen stiletto's and the men's contains the jogging shorts and both are absolutely free!


I think I will end tonight's blog posting w/some pink Latex Lingerie. The Lingerie is this weeks freebie over at Nada's. Before you leave.... look to your right-hand side there you will see a bunch of freebies! Some nice stuff there, worth the look!


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