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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Your Sunday Pleasures

Oblivion Fashion, Ladies fashion. There are lots of lovely gowns, silks and some casual outfits. By the entrance door you will Jasmin Silks and Alianna Corset Gown, both 1 linden dollar!

Oblivion Fashion:

GG's Boutique has lots of newness, including new totally free items. One the Ladies and one for the Gents. Ladies outfit Red Sculpty pants and cropped slashed top and the men's a exquisite White Dress Shirt.

GG's Boutique:

New dollarbie over at Rock Me Amadeus. Nice set of shredded jeans for the Ladies. enjoy!

Rock Me Amadeus:

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


So Ladies ever heard of "MPD" or Multiple Personality Designs? Well I think you will like this one. All of the Shoes, Clothing, Jewelry, even skins are either one linden dollar each item or 5 lindens for fat packs.

The Newest Oufits are the Giggle Dress, both cute and sexy and you can either buy each color for a dollar or the fat packs for 5, and if that was enough, there is a freebie, the white and black floral dress you see is free!


New Place The Rose Collection located on the Bravehearts Club and shops SIM. On the third floor, you can find the African or Blue Print Gowns both for one linden dollar! Along the same wall is a wall of dollarbies as well.

The Rose Collection:

Who doesn't like the series of Twilight? If you are a fan like me, you may enjoy Kawaii's new dollarbies and freebies. Tanks, Caps, a Charm Bracelet, a Reading blanket all created with the movie in mind.


Scorching Red Mini called Red Rose for free at another new store called Morbid Masoleum!


AV Vlodovic another group I am a member of passed out their new group gift named Cocktail Roses in Lemon and also have a cute dollarbie Ruffle Skirt in DK Pink and in case you are ga, ga for the tarten boots you see, you can have those if you don't mind waiting for the lucky letter sign on floor 2....

[AV] Vlodovic:

Wednesday's News

There is a nice gift for the ladies and one for the men over at Blacklace & Alphamale. The ladies ensemble is the purely sexy Black Obession and the Men's is the super handsome Stripped Blue Polo and Jeans.

You do not have to join the "SOM", but I would suggest that you do, as they often have lovely gifts. All you need to do is find the display of each of the outfits and buy the gift boxes

Blacklace & Alphamale:

The Vinyl has done it again! Another great, great group gift. This one is called Chinese Red. I love blogging about Vinyl Cafe's gifts, especially when there is furniture involved, as a land owner who rents homes, I like to let my residents know about home furnishings.

This gift comes with the sofa set, Stilleto Toe Sandals and the Sexy Littl Red Dress. Remember to get this one you have to be a member of Vinyl Cafe and where your group tag to receive.

Vinyl Cafe:

Sole Sisters another personal Fav or mine, has a new dollarbie..... Lara in Linen or White is only one dollar!

Sole Sisters:

A-Bomb has new clearance items. The Bianca Chunky Pumps are upstairs second floor of the store. The Pumps are only 10 lindens and you can choose them in six lovely colors, not jus the black that I am showing!

Definitely check the clearance items, as there are also some great boots and outfits as well all 10 Lindens!


Monday, May 25, 2009

Tuesday My Extended Holiday!

Hello There! Well I hope everyone who celebrates Memorial Day had a great one. I sure did, I even extended my long weekend to an even longer one and took today off as well!

Lots of great stuff around the grid, below is what I know....

Girlygirl Hoffman has a new store and 6 new freebies for both men and women! The two outfits on the far right of the pic are Group Gifts so if you want em, you need to have your group tag on.


At a Sweeter than Candy satelitte store on the A&K Sim, I found the sexy little "Nikita" for free. Just touch the bag and it yours.

Sweeter than Candy:

Little Britan has 2 new ones. One for the women and one for the men. Wife and Hubby Beater Outfits. Both available for free.

Little Britan:

Another new store for me is Vitage. I found 3 freebies here. Cute short outfit called Flowered, the sweet bra and panties and the Asia inspired red dress. Check them out!


New store for me "Cheap Love Song". Cute items for both men and women, plus there are 4 freebies. 2 T's for the gentlemen and a pair of jean shorts and tank for the ladies. Then again, I would say that all of the freebies could be sort of unisex.

Cheap Love Song:

Both Kosh and Concete Flowers has their new weekly dollarbies out. Some neat and odd items to be had. 4 at Kosh and 3 at Concete Flowers, items for both men and women.


And Concrete Flowers stuff.....

Concrete Flowers:

I received a notecard with newness at "Muze". Muze is a lovely ladies Clothing Store. While there also found Simply Satin in 3 colors a nice little freebie.


Sunday, May 24, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

Wow! It's almost been an entire week without a post from me:( Sorry about that, been a little bit busy and away celebrating the Memorial Day Weekend by the Shore out there in good old Long Island!

Below are posts for this past week. You may or may not have seen them already if you view the other Fashion / Freebie Blogs, but I figured these were all worth mentioning.

Over at Peppermint Blue there is newness, as in new Freebie newness. There are 3 in total 1 for the gentlemen and 2 for the ladies.

Peppermint Blues:

Vinyl Cafe still has the great London Calling Freebie out. You get the Skybox, Sex Bed, and dress.

If you like London Calling then slide over to The Dominion Fashion District. Dominion has the city Lighs specail available. $50 Lindens gets you the City Lights special. Again a Skybox, sex bed and Dress

Vinyl Cafe:

The Dominion Fashion District:

So Many Styles just reopened. Nice ladies outfits, and a nice little gift. Find the Treasure box near the front entrace and buy for 0 Lindens.

In the box is the Lovely Black Boho Dress, Button Skirt and Transy Shirt (You will get three colors of The Transy Shirt). Not a bad deal!

One last thing about the pics above, it is me and my skin is from Rockberry it is Uma. We recieved a version of Uma as a group gift the one I am wearing above I went and purchased the set. Why am I saying this?

Well I have read in some blogs the debate about some content creators, don't believe Freebies get purchases..... I went back to Rockberry and bought more skin colos of Uma, because of the group gift. So creaters for me freebies lead me back to make purchaes:) P.S.: I know pics aren't that great, you wanna see my look, come find me in SL (LOL).

So Many Styles:

And Port Haifa. Goreans great RP SIM, w/Kajira, Kajiro and Slave School. Always Freebeis available, below see some new items of interest, all free.

Port Haifa:

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Monday's Stuff

DCNY has a new dollarbie out for us. It is a Luscious Lime Green Mini called Jolleen.


Vinyl Cafe has a cheapie. The Wickedly Hardcore Spiked Pink Stilettos, are only $5 Lindens!!!

They won't be 5 Lindens for long though, this deal will only last for one week, then the price goes up to L$500.

Run over to Vinyl Cafe and grab a pair before it's too late!

Vinyl Cafe:

Join A&K's Update Group wear your group tag, find the black box with green ribbon and you can have the uber adorable Angelique's Sunflower for free.

There are 5 more boxes with 5 free outfits for group members right next to Angelique's box. Don't forget to pick those up as well, I promise you will not be disappointed with any of these outfits!


And then we have Sweeter than Candy. Breezy is a freebie and can be found on the first floor.

While you are there, be sure to take a quick walk upstairs where you will find the freebie wall. Lots, and lots of really cute outfits. I blogged the freebie wall a while back, just in case you missed it.

Sweeter than Candy: