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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

Wow! It's almost been an entire week without a post from me:( Sorry about that, been a little bit busy and away celebrating the Memorial Day Weekend by the Shore out there in good old Long Island!

Below are posts for this past week. You may or may not have seen them already if you view the other Fashion / Freebie Blogs, but I figured these were all worth mentioning.

Over at Peppermint Blue there is newness, as in new Freebie newness. There are 3 in total 1 for the gentlemen and 2 for the ladies.

Peppermint Blues:

Vinyl Cafe still has the great London Calling Freebie out. You get the Skybox, Sex Bed, and dress.

If you like London Calling then slide over to The Dominion Fashion District. Dominion has the city Lighs specail available. $50 Lindens gets you the City Lights special. Again a Skybox, sex bed and Dress

Vinyl Cafe:

The Dominion Fashion District:

So Many Styles just reopened. Nice ladies outfits, and a nice little gift. Find the Treasure box near the front entrace and buy for 0 Lindens.

In the box is the Lovely Black Boho Dress, Button Skirt and Transy Shirt (You will get three colors of The Transy Shirt). Not a bad deal!

One last thing about the pics above, it is me and my skin is from Rockberry it is Uma. We recieved a version of Uma as a group gift the one I am wearing above I went and purchased the set. Why am I saying this?

Well I have read in some blogs the debate about some content creators, don't believe Freebies get purchases..... I went back to Rockberry and bought more skin colos of Uma, because of the group gift. So creaters for me freebies lead me back to make purchaes:) P.S.: I know pics aren't that great, you wanna see my look, come find me in SL (LOL).

So Many Styles:

And Port Haifa. Goreans great RP SIM, w/Kajira, Kajiro and Slave School. Always Freebeis available, below see some new items of interest, all free.

Port Haifa:

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