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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Saturday Morning

Good Morning All! Well as promised, up and posting bright and early on a grey Saturday Morning in New York. We're tired of the rain here, it's been grey all week. The Weather People are promising that it will clear up by the afternoon, we will just have to see.

Below are my Saturday finds:

For a limited time and in celebration of Mother's Day tomorrow. Bryce has set out to hari styles Jimmy and Adam, both are free, but not in the brown color you see above, you get pink and blue.

Pink for girls and blue for boys. Find the two boxes in the store and buy for zero lindens.


"Rock me Amadeus" has a new dollarbie. Blossoming Designs, I really like this one. Reminds me of spring light, airy, pretty colors!


"Sentou Yousei" has a new freebie and a couple of cheapies. The Protect our Earth necklace is the freebie and comes in a Ladies Size, which is shown and one for the men, not shown. The Cheapies are all 5 lindens each, The Flowing Earrings in both Silver and Gold and the really adorable Daisy Ring.


This pic is yours truely, wearing the new freebie from "Stuff". I even had to change my hair to give you the full effect of the hood (LOL).


And my last post for now. A new store, "NILS Island Store", a notecard was dropped on me, so I took a peek. Ladies clothing and 3 freebies to try.

I have the Blue Frill pictured above, you can also pick up the Green Frill, same as the blue you see above but in a lovely shade of green and the last one is a Tropical Mini also very, very cute and all for free. Go check out NILS!


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