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Saturday, May 2, 2009

A Hunting We Will Go!

Good Saturday Morning Slers! My first post for today is about hunting. There are two major SL Grid-Wide Hunts which have started. First one is the "SL Discovery" this is a big one well over 500 vendors are participating.

This hunt started yesterday, May 1st and will run until June 30th. Your are searching for prim magnifying glasses. The official starting point is at Aud-Mart Gestures. For more information join their group or see their website: www.sldiscovery.com

Aud-Mart SLURL: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Newport%20Keys/30/118/24

The second one is the "Keys to the VIP Grid-Wide Hunt". For this one, you will need to pay a one time entry fee, but the organizers boast that the Designers will be creating special gifts and they will only be available during the hunt. Personally, I have not decided whether or not I will participate in this one, but you never know (*giggles*).

You can see the participating Designer list and get a peek at some of the gifts being offered at the official website: http://www.keystotheviphunt.blogspot.com. This hunt starts on Wednesday, May 8th and will only run until May 22nd.

Official Start Point is at UrBaN DySfUnCtIoN:

Don't forget to check back with me later, I already have a few goodies lined up to post!

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