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Monday, May 4, 2009

Tuesday's Finds

Below is what I got for yas on this dreary Saturday and the East Coast Side! Hope you likes! :)

Cute, Cute "Country Girl" Outfit out as the May Gift at "Alatiel". Find the display and buy for one dollar!

Alatiel Fashions:

So I was clearing out my blog folder and found a few older specials. I checked and these items are still at the locations. "F*a" has a few dollarbies / freebies. You can find, the sweet little red dress, piecings and the purple light and brown stool.


My second older find. I thought this was sexy and cute all at the same time. You get both dress, it was a Valentine's Day gift, but again it's still available. Look for the displacy box, the outfits are call Best Friends and are free!


Third older one is from "SyDs". The lovely four leaves set is available for one dollar each part.


"Mauloa" is my last older find. Lots of hair and some clothing. Japanese designer. All items abover either free and one dollar!


And now back to some new! "Miss Metaverse" new designer. Lots of ladies clothing. Give her a try. There is also this lovely dress as a gift.

Miss Metaverse:

Lots of freebies / dollarbies can be found on the second floor of "Sweeter than Candy". The three you see above are about a quarter of what is available. Really, really nice outfits!

Sweeter than Candy:

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