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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wednesday's News

There is a nice gift for the ladies and one for the men over at Blacklace & Alphamale. The ladies ensemble is the purely sexy Black Obession and the Men's is the super handsome Stripped Blue Polo and Jeans.

You do not have to join the "SOM", but I would suggest that you do, as they often have lovely gifts. All you need to do is find the display of each of the outfits and buy the gift boxes

Blacklace & Alphamale:

The Vinyl has done it again! Another great, great group gift. This one is called Chinese Red. I love blogging about Vinyl Cafe's gifts, especially when there is furniture involved, as a land owner who rents homes, I like to let my residents know about home furnishings.

This gift comes with the sofa set, Stilleto Toe Sandals and the Sexy Littl Red Dress. Remember to get this one you have to be a member of Vinyl Cafe and where your group tag to receive.

Vinyl Cafe:

Sole Sisters another personal Fav or mine, has a new dollarbie..... Lara in Linen or White is only one dollar!

Sole Sisters:

A-Bomb has new clearance items. The Bianca Chunky Pumps are upstairs second floor of the store. The Pumps are only 10 lindens and you can choose them in six lovely colors, not jus the black that I am showing!

Definitely check the clearance items, as there are also some great boots and outfits as well all 10 Lindens!


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