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Friday, May 15, 2009

Not So Early on a Saturday Morning

I started this post at 12:38am and was going to title it Early on a Saturday Morning. It's now 12:06pm on Saturday, so you are asking yourself what happened, why did I just upload this post? I got so tired, I just totally fell out....

I haven't posted in a few days, and believe it or not I start to feel bad, if I don't have a least something for you each day, so with that said I will stop my rambling and bring you some way cool stuff I found around the grid!

The highly cute Red and green minis you are viewing above are both Dollarbies. If you love them and just have to have them, touch that little link you see below.

Shameless Caleta:

Above you see a great pair of teal gloves, they are a limited time freebie over at Pididdle. Below is the Slurl:)


Over at Topaz Square there is a new freebie, its called Frayed, and I personally love it! If you like Frayed, you might want to get there soon, as the dress will be out for a limited time too. Link below.

Topaz Square:

Kosh placed there new weekly dollarbies and I really liked this weeks choices. They picks for today are the third eye choker, Brocadism Top (love that one), and 10 tintable eyes.


Along with Kosh, Concrete Flowers also has their new dollabies. They are a pretty funky set. You can find the Frog and Crashing Rainbow tees, off the shoulder sweaters and the sweet crayon boots.

Concrete Flowers:

I also shot over to Rock Me Amadeus. The new dollabies is there as well, you get the 3 sets of lingerie for 1 dollar. Pretty hot, Huh? :)


New Designer Morane Designs has a Fierce outfit set for 1 dollar, a nice sample of her work. Copper Snake is available right now at her store. Go check it out!


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