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Friday, May 8, 2009


Friday, Friday, Friday! Happy Friday Everyone! Can you tell I am just a little excited that Friday is here. Let the Partying Begin!

"ChaoLotus" has a new freebie. These mad cool Swirly VouDou Bangles. I love the colors and even wore them already with a simple black dress, totally made those colors pop!


"Xtreme Desires" has a new dollarbie today. The simple but hot SecretSkulls mini. Get yours today Ladies!


Remember how I was just speaking about a little black dress? Well "Bliss" has put this one out for free. It is the May Giftie!


"Heaven Fashion" has a dollarbie. For one dollar, you get the top and jeans, doesn't include the boots. A nice casual summer shopping outfit, if I do say so myself!


"Kosh" just put out their weekly dollarbies. There are three this week. A nice dress for us ladies and to shirts for the guys!


Of course when the Kosh dollarbies are out, you know that "Concrete Flowers" are soon to follow.... Concrete Flowers has the Strawberry Dress and Ice Creamed Man Set. Do you all see where that Ice Cream Cone is? LOL!


Well everyone, I am finding that there are a lot of great deals tonight. Let me start off with the ones above. Get a little organized go through, my IM's, Notecards, Folders, etc. and maybe I will post again tonight, if not tonight definitely early tomorrow! Enjoy!

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