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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thursday Around the Grid

Thursday what can I say about Thursday, just one day away from Friday! Whoo-Hoo! See what I found for yas Today!

"Weird Designs" has a new dollarbie just for you, and you, and you! Oh Yeah, but it's not at the main store it is at the satellite store over at Hotel Munster and I just so happen to have a ticket... so you can ride! LOL

Weird Designs:

Now because I was never at "Hotel Munster" before, I decided to walk around, as it is my kind of SIM, Dark and Evil...

I found "I Love 13" and there you can find the totally adorable Spring Dress in Apple for only 20 Lindens and the cute Pony Necklace, a Dollarbie!

I Love 13:

Next I wandered over to "+Plus+. Why you ask, well you know that Rockberry Skin Uma, we are all drooling over.... +Plus made the perfect shape to go along with it. The shape is name "Persefone", it is copy / mod and although its not free, it only cost $200 Lindens. A very fair price!

Fear not though, go across to the clothing / accessories area and pick up the great dollarbies, you can see in pic 2 above!


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