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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Early Monday SL Bargains

Hi All! Scroll down, way down for all the loveliness I have . I think there is a nice mix for everyone. Hope you enjoy! Lilli:)

This one is for the men, although ladies if you are looking for a short hair cut, you may like this one as well. "Bryce" has a new hair called Puck it is Unisex and is free. Find the Puck display and you can purchase for 0 Lindens.

If puck isn't what you are looking for then walk over to the free area, where you can find 3 more free styles!


"HolliPocket" has a new Tank and sent it out to the group in Blue. Modelled above by yours truly! Join the scribo if you like, check the history!


"Stuff" has a freebie Leggings in 9 colors and all for free. I am modeling the Black, but ther are 8 more colors for you to mix and match with other items you may have in your wardrobe.

Please note the freebie is about to change, so this one may not be available anymore, but another great item is sure to take its place. Find the freebie box and purchase for 0 Lindens.


Brand new very cute Mini at "VictoriaV"! Join the scribo and recieve, if you do not receive automatically, check the history.

Don't forget to take a look around the store, as there are two more beautiful gowns set out for free to everyone. the other two freebies are a lovely Red Gown and stunning Brown Sequin Gown. They have both been blogged in the past.


A little change of pace, some furniture. "Kunstkammer" has set out their May Group gift its the very nice Piano Bench. Join the group and buy the bench for 0 Lindens.

Before you leave, do check out the Trunk sale items prices range from 0-10 Lindens.


Okay Ladies, how about some jewelry? "Musgo" has a new freebie. The very stylish earrings and in case you did not get their last gift, its still available the very cute Heart Choker.

Also, check the table for some bracelets, sandals, and some more freebies!


"El'Van Majika" is trying her hand at creating skirts and what does that mean for us? A Freebie and Dollarbie. The brown skirt is free and the blueish / purple is 1 linden.


And finally "Ema's". There is a new Monthly Freebie "Pink Power". Ema's is one of my favs, really adorable outfits and always a great Monthly Freebie!

If you like pink power, look for the Discovery magnifying glass and get another lovely outfit!


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