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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Sunday SL Finds

It's an early Sunday morning here in NYC, hell it's even earlier SL time and I have some great finds for you. Scroll down and take a look.

Yesterday "Concrete Flowers" sent out a group message letting us all know there are new dollarbies! There are 3 to be exact. A really cute animation w/pan prop, a necklace and an outfit. SLURL is below:)


Don't forget if you go to Concrete Flowers, do not forget to pop over to "Kosh", which is right next door. You will find 2 dollarbies there. The Unisex pants and the cute farm girl hair. Guys the Kosh pants say unisex, but I could definitely see the men wearing the Concrete Flowers outfit as well. You want these great finds? Touch my SLURl below!


"Peppermint Blue" I haven't heard from them in a while, but yesterday poof notecard:) Everything you see in the picture above is free. Remember the outfits are always free for a limited time so if you all like them you might want to tak a trip today!

Peppermint Blue:

"Shameless Caleta" has 3 lovely items out for the ladies. The Blue outfit is a group gift, join the group touch the picture it's yours. The Skully one piece is a dollarbie and lastly, the two sweaters are a discount you get both for $10 Linden Dollars. You only have to join the group for the blue outfit,everthing else is ope to all.

Shameless Caleta:

So Ladies yesterday I posted about the lovely Gitterati Skin from Genesis. Lets just say you like the skin, but are still not too thrilled. Maybe your not happy with your shape. Well today I can help you with that, how about this cute Shape from "Royal Designs" for only a dollar? Try it, second floor of the stroe. This is also out for a limited time. They change weekly, next week will be a new shape.

Royal Designs:

And last for today! My girl Meanna found one for the guys! "Peer" has these nice jeans and tank for you. Absolutely free, you can't beat that. (Oh yeah, you may notice in the pic that Peer is part of the SL Discovery Hunt, LOL).


Hope you enjoy the posts for today. I think there is one for everyone. Happy a simply Wonderful SL Day! See you in-World!

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