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Wednesday, May 27, 2009


So Ladies ever heard of "MPD" or Multiple Personality Designs? Well I think you will like this one. All of the Shoes, Clothing, Jewelry, even skins are either one linden dollar each item or 5 lindens for fat packs.

The Newest Oufits are the Giggle Dress, both cute and sexy and you can either buy each color for a dollar or the fat packs for 5, and if that was enough, there is a freebie, the white and black floral dress you see is free!


New Place The Rose Collection located on the Bravehearts Club and shops SIM. On the third floor, you can find the African or Blue Print Gowns both for one linden dollar! Along the same wall is a wall of dollarbies as well.

The Rose Collection:

Who doesn't like the series of Twilight? If you are a fan like me, you may enjoy Kawaii's new dollarbies and freebies. Tanks, Caps, a Charm Bracelet, a Reading blanket all created with the movie in mind.


Scorching Red Mini called Red Rose for free at another new store called Morbid Masoleum!


AV Vlodovic another group I am a member of passed out their new group gift named Cocktail Roses in Lemon and also have a cute dollarbie Ruffle Skirt in DK Pink and in case you are ga, ga for the tarten boots you see, you can have those if you don't mind waiting for the lucky letter sign on floor 2....

[AV] Vlodovic:

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