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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Announcing! Big News! - Axiom!

(Skin: Charis Tan, Hair: Kennocha)

RH Engel and Wicked Magic are welcoming a new brand venture to the RH Designs family! They have created a line of exquisitely designed Men's, Women's Hairs and Accessories, as well as some beautifully detailed fantasy skins.

(Skin: Charis Drow Mask, Hair: Toireasa)

Lucky me, I have the privilege of getting my hands on a few samples to show all of you. I tend to be very picky with my skins, I don't like the way many look on me, but not this time. I was pleasantly surprised, I have been running around SL with the Charis Tan, since I got it and will definitely be wearing the rest. (Lilliana starts counting her Lindens, figuring out how many more she is able to purchase)

(Skin: Charis Undead Mascare Tears, Hair: Toireasa)

I am in love with each and everyone of them, can you be in love with a Skin? The skins were created my Wicked herself and the Hairs were created by RH. Just like the Rebel Hope SIM, Axiom is lovely, there are a lot of places to explore and relax, so be sure to check it out when you visit.

(Limited Time Gift Skin and Hair)

With the Grand Opening of Axiom, you can find a couple of complimentary items a hair and skin gift, be sure to come by and pick yours up. They are located on table in the main area of the building, look for the treasure chests!

Axiom: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Axiom/28/28/22

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