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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Where'd She go?.... I'm Right here Silly!

LOL!  Yeah, Yeah it's been awhile since I posted and I can go on and tell you that I've been busy in both RL and SL. Let me save you all that dribble and just show you what I have for you all!

Somehow, someway I turned up on the OGlam SIM, hadn't heard of it, but here some of our favorite designers have opened up shops.  I found some nice freebies for both the men and women:

 Osmose Updo Hair Fat Pack. That cute chick  me (LOL), wearing the Soil Color.
Touch the Bird cage, receive for free.

 Maverick Designs Hunter shape for the men. Buy for 0 Lindens.

 Emotions Mel Dress. Buy for 0 Lindens.

Rispetto Designs Bello Brown Cardigan. Buy for 0 Lindens

 Faster Pussycat Magician's Assistant Dress (Shoes not included). Boxed on Table, buy for 0 Lindens.

All of the above items are from the O Glam SIM.  Walk Around check out the stores and buy, buy, buy. Below are other items I found around the Grid during my travels today.


Both the Boots and Pumps are freebies from
Artesfatta. You can find these on the freebie wall.  The pumps come in many, many colors.  There are also a pair of Red Boots an next to the wall is a box with a pair of Brown Boots.  Buy each for 0 Lindens.

Right next door to Artesfatta is B! Fashion.  At the front entrance is this lovely Red Mini, buy for 0 Lindens.  If you really like B! Fashion, join the group and you can get 3 more cute dresses.  Before you leave for all of the ice skating fans out there, there is a White Skating Dress by the ice skating rink, also 0 Lindens. 

B! Fashion Red Summer Dress.  Buy for 0 Lindens.

And last, but so not least a new Group Gift from Prism.  Chel in Christmas Tree. The perfect casual outfit to where during your Holiday Shopping.  Join the group for free touch the Outfit and it yours for free.

Chel by Prism Group Gift.

That's what I have for you now ladies and Gents.  Hope you find something to your liking. This is Lilli signing out.  See you around the Grid! *Kisses*

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