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Friday, October 7, 2011

Finally a New Post! *Giggles*

This is a good one ladies and gents! FA Creations & Seduce. If you join the group, which will cost you all of $0 Lindens, look at all the niceties you could have.

 With your group tag proudly worn, take a stroll down the "Catwalk", its more like a grey brick road.  Start touching the lovely outfits as you go.  They are all free to group members.
Clothing for both men and women. So ladies bring your man, men bring your lady and pick up an item or two, or three or four (lol).  Ladies if you go into the FA Creations Main store, you can find two more cute dresses on the counter for free!

I only have a few pictures shown here, but in total there are 13 ladies items and  8 for the men, plus don't forget the 2 in the store for the women.  Worth the trip...



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