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Monday, July 20, 2009

I'm Baccckkk!

Hi Aurora Town Fans, I am back sorry it's been a week. I am finding that RL and maintaining my SIM are keeping be away from this blog. I will definitely at least post once a week, more if I am able, so definitely don't give up and check back!

Today I am partaking in the "Slice of Summer" Hunt. It not too long only a little over a hundred participating Designers/Vendors. The list of participates is a good one, so this is one of those hunts you may want to do.

The hunt runs from July18th and will end on August9th. You are looking for Watermelons:)
Slice of Summer Blog. Go here for list of participating Designers/Vendors or Hints:

Slice of Summer Hunt Starting Point:

Ema's has a really cute July Freebie out. It's the Checks Bikini and Wrap, I likey, maybe you do as well, if you'd like yours, take my SLURL below.


[AV] Voldovic has two nifty little dresses. The Velvet Dress in Crimson is the group and Spring Dress Flowers is a Dollarbie. If you are feeling lucky, the matching shoes and Stockings for Spring Dress Flowers are in the lucky Boards. Good Luck!


Keep checking back today, as I am still going through my inventory. I am sure I will have some more goodies to post. Laters. Lilli is over and out! :)

So I am back already editing my posts.... Dany French has two new dollarbies one for the ladies and one for the men. Look at the picks above. Definitely a go see for both ladies and men as there are many dollarbies. I particularly like the black trench coats, there one for the females and one for the males. Go ahead take a chance and visit....

Dany French:

I am probably late with this find, but what the hell. So I am hunting in the Slice of Summer Hunt and am up to fifty something which is Izumiya.

I take a peek around really cute, clothing, accessories, shoes for both men and women. Went to the second floor and found a totally freebie room with some really cute and unique items!

some of my favs are pictured above, but there are many, many more! You have just got to go see, I say so! LOL


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