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Monday, January 30, 2012

Womenstuff and Menstuff

The New Women/Menstuff lounge opens.  So for those of you who do not know what I am talking about here, I will explain.  This group is the premier Women's fashion group or Men's, depending on which one you are:)

Join the group.  The group is for information regarding Women's/Men's sales, freebie items and information, direct from the designers themselves, along with a total freebie Lounge.  If you join, there is an entire store of freebies for men and women.  There is probably at least 50 free items for men and women including clothing, jewelry, skins, etc.

The spotlight designers are as follows:

For the Men:

Egoisme Skin and Outfit

Legal Insanity Jeans and T-Shirt

VYC Stain Special Edition Skin
Various Freebies from Designers all around SL

For the Women:

Cynful Curvy Lace Cardigans in Black and White

Essences Inna Skin, Eyelashes, Eyeliner, Blush, Freckles, Mole and Hairbases included.

Lavie Skin and Prim Top/Skirt
Various Freebies from Designers All Around SL
 Enjoy my peeps! Peace, Lilli :)

Womenstuff/Menstuff Lounge:

Friday, January 27, 2012

What Do You Know, A New Post! :D

Aleida is where I roamed today and found some nice group gifts.  Now I believe that there used to be a fee to join Aleida, but not anymore.

Join the group, wear the tag, touch the ad boards and see what you can have.  Also inside the store there is a free gift for everyone, one for the chicks and one for the dudes!

Black Dress and Skin October Group Gift

Gold Stiletto Stack Pumps November Group Gift

Hair and Scarf Pack Group Gift

Freebie Gifts for Everyone Inside Store

Skin Pack May Group Gift

Wedge Pumps Group Gift
 Oh yeah two lucky boards are in the shoe/skin area. One board showcases a 3 pack of female skins the other candles for your home. Long time SL designer, lots of nice items to dress up your Avi.


Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy, Happy 2012!

First post from me for the New Year 2012.  Peep below, something for the Ladies and Gentlemen of Second Life!

Blacklace still has their Christmas Gifts out.  If you love lingerie, Blacklace is one of the best!  Since this is a Christmas Gift, and it is Jan. 1st, I am not sure how long these will be available.  If you want these, my advice go today.

While there, don't forget to pick up the New Year Hunt gift, it is the 2012 Hat w/Champagne et al.  Last if you have never been to Blacklace pick up the red and black gift boxes. Just right click and buy each of these items for 0 Lindens.

 Darlin Christmas Gift 1
 Naughty Little Gift 2
2012 Hunt Gift and Older Gift Boxes

Mojo Skin and Body Shop has a total of 3 skins for the Group Members.  Join the Group and Pick up Maya 2012 New Year Skin.  In addition to the two Christmas Gifts which are still available, like Blacklace I do not know how much longer the Christmas Gifts will be available, so run don't walk! LOL...  The Maraia Skin comes with a cute little Christmas Mini.

 Maja 2012 New Year Skin Group Gift

 Ariel Winter Christmas Group Gift Skin

 Maraia Christmas Group Gift Skin and Cocktail Dress

Vogue has a Freebie for all and their January Group Gift. The Female and Male Sweaters is the
Freebie, just right click the Ad Board and buy for 0 Lindens.  The Bliss Gown/Mini is the January Group Gift, join the Group for free and touch the Ad Board

 Freebie New Year Male/Female Sweaters
Bliss Gown/Mini January Group Gift


Asteria Creations has 4 lovely Group Gifts for the Ladies.  Join the Group and touch the ad boards, but the Group is Free to join and look at all you get.

 Aila Outfit Jeans & Top Group Gift
 Mini Dress & Necklace Group Gift
 Skin & Shape Group Gift
Xmas Gown Group Gift

Group Gifts Asteria:

Peace Out Fans, Love and Kisses, Lilli:)