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Friday, December 4, 2009

Danish Visions SIM

Hey Now Fans! :) How many hunts are there going on in SL at the moment? I think I've lost count. I just finished the Gorean Grid-Wide and am now doing the POE Hunt. Sorry I haven't blog in a little bit. I am about to make that up to yas.

While doing the POE Hunt, I had to stop at Danish Visions SIM. Cute little strip mall kind of shopping. Lots of cute stores, with some very sweet finds.

First stop, D-Designs. Ladies fashion down with some great vibrant colors. You can get this lovely apricot gown for joining the group or scribo.

Before you all run off turn around and on the coffee table by the comfy sofa, you can find 3 black shopping bags with a few more goodies.


Just a few doors down from D-Designs, there is a quaint little furniture shop. F&D Designs is offering a nice little Christmas freebie. The entire dining set you see below is absolutely free.

F&D Furniture & Design:

Walk a little further and you come to Pelletteria Morrisey. A Wonderful Italian Style leather Fashion and Accessories Store. From what I can tell Ladies only, but Ladies some nice items here and a few gifts for us.

I found this cute straw bag and green retro sunglasses.

The ever so practical tan suede slippers...

...and lastly a simply adorable Christmas gifty. PJs, Slippers and hot water bottle to keep us all warm during the long cold SL winter nights:)

Oh yeah Pelletteria is in the POE Hunt and has a really awesome gift, or at least I thought so.