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Friday, March 19, 2010

Swayland New SIM

Received a notecard from Thistle Homes about a new SIM that they are part of called Swayland, really, really cute little SIM. In addition to Thistle Homes, you can find Sway, Di's, Ivalde, Riviera Couture, Shiki, Nonino & Zacca, and Paradise Pets.

Found some opening gifts there not the ordinary clothing, accessories, hair, skins or shapes, but I like to blog all sort of nice items found on the grid.

In front of Sway's which is the main store and SIM owner. 3 little gifties. The lovely done box contains a set of black and white bangles. The shopping bag is an actual Sway shopping bag with a hold animation, it is held under your arm like a pocketbook, it definitely looks cute shopping around. Both of these items are 0 Lindens.

Lastly is the little doll there are 4 I believe, well at least that is how many I found. They are 1 Linden each. The eyes blink and you can hold them, very sweet:)

Sway: http://slurl.com/secondlife/SwayLand/131/157/39

Next up the Nanino & Zacca shop. Two adorable items here, both are free. First pic is the Bear Sofa, up to 4 people can literally lie or sit all over him.

Second pic the wagon. Just wear and drag it around. While I was on the SIM, I saw a child avatar and a few adult avatar's drag it around, it looks very cute.

Nanino & Zacca: http://slurl.com/secondlife/SwayLand/78/111/39

Definitely spend a little time here. I can see nice pictures being taken here. There are also scribo's in all the stores, more gifts being offered this way. Ivalde has some lucky presents. A nice way to spend part of your SL day!

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