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Sunday, June 6, 2010

7Seas and DbT

Happy Sunday Everyone! Calling all 7Seas Fishing fans! Along with our SIM redesign, we also added the very popular 7Seas Fishing. Both Fishing areas are set in very relaxing calm atmospheres.

We have lots of Rare, Ultra Rare, Super Rare and Uncommons to be caught, including many custom prizes created by our SIM Designer Empress Scootie Gearbox. Stop-by give our fishing a shot. Definitely check back with us as we will be having fishing contests organized in the near future.

Sporbus is our Mall area, where you will find lots of shopping. Suki's Silken Fashion beautifully designed Gorean Clothing for both Men and Women at extremely reasonable prices. The Cobbler Fairymeadow, Suki's sister she makes the shoes and boots which match Suki's Fashions. Ankle Biters for Tinies, accessories clothing, etc. Catpaws by Cat and Nero Marsala, adorable outfits also for our tiny friends and much, much more.

Paceglen is our residential area, my partner and I have been in the home rental business for over 3 years. We have many home styles to choose from and will customize prim packages for your needs. We have been told we have the best rates around! IM us if you want to rent a home or even a marketplace or just come and spend the day in one of your two lovely SIMs

7Seas Sporbus:

7Seas PaceGlen:

Of course I could not sign off without giving you all a tip on a new find! Delight by Talena or DbT. New SL designer really adorable outfits, shoes and accessories for the ladies. Extremely reasonable prices with many items prices at $5, $10 and $20 Lindens.

There are also some freebies to be found and a midnight mania board. Above are the Lisette Patent Deluxe Duo Sandals. The sandals are free for a limited time. They are prim toe with 12 different nail polishes and different skin tones to choose from. The Pink Hawaiian Bikini comes with two different tops. Both of these items are free.


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