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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Look at What I found in My Notecard Folder! :)

It's been a bit since I posted something new, so I went through my notecards and found a few items you might enjoy. Please see below!

Yasum Designs, join the group and let the fun begin lots of Group Gifts to begotten! The Group is free to join. Start on the first floor of store.

Lefthand side windows Ramya Fat Pack Skins for the men:

Righthand side windows Ramya Fat Pack Skins for the Ladies:

Enter the store Ladies and you can pick up the Ramya Shape:

Take the teleport up to the second floor, there are a mess of Easel Boards set up with different clothing items for both the men and women, below are just 2 items, but there are more:

Lastly an entire freebie area more skins, clothing and other items. The items here are free for all, no Group Tag required.


Zhao Xinful Red Boots 0 Lindens.

Mz. Flower Flats Infinite Colors w/Hud 1 Linden Dollar.


Hoorenbeek June Freebies. Military Jacket for the Men and Winter Boots for the Ladies. Join scribo-matic, you will received another gift. Comeback to Hoorenbeek in 2 weeks and touch the Jacket and/or Boots and you will receive those as well.

Hoorenbeek's policy is that you must be in the SOM Group for 2 weeks to get the Monthly Gift. Trust me they give nice gifts, I got a great pair of Cowboy Boots as a previous Gift.


Valeeva Select Elite Icanto Mini Free.


Amacci Katie Twirl 5 Tone Skin Pack. Group Gift, join group and either slap this board or look in group notices. Group is free to join!


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