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Sunday, February 12, 2012


Today's post is not a freebie, but something I got involved in and am enjoying very much.  I wanted to share.  So you know all of these virtual pets around SL, you know them (e.g. horses, cats, meeroos, bunnies, etc.).  I am a Yumi rescuer!

As stated from the official Yumi website (http://www.assassinsgrid.com/cypher/index.php), Yumi is a creature that resides in the nether of 5 elements!

Bands of Cypher is a game featuring the digital pet, Yumi. Unlock the Bands of Cypher and discover rare species from another dimension! Over 18 Million combinations of genetic traits including Skin coats, eyes, hair, bio-luminescence, wings and wing colors.

Bands of Cypher - The Puzzle Game
A Yumi is intelligent, self sufficient and does not need food. It derives its functional energy from the elements. Bands of Cypher is based on an award-winning mathematical puzzle designed by Cytherion Revnik who is not only a well-known pioneer in Second Life, but a well-known entrepreneur in the information technology world. We all love puzzles and we all love pets. Let us put them together and create something wonderful!

The Yumi's make great pets, shoulder pets and are just simply adorable.  You can even possibly make a Second Life living selling crystal or your rescued Yumis.

You can purchase Yumis from residents selling their rescued Yumis or purchase the Bands of Cypher Game and start unlocking the different dimensions yourself and rescue your own.  What do I love about these pets?  They are extremely cute, they don't eat and they don't die. I can tell you from personal experience the game is addictive.

In-World at Aurora Town in our Market SIM, we are selling Yumis, we have "The Wonderful World of Yumi's Book" feel free to page through our book to discover the different genetic traits and we have extra Bands of Cypher Game boards available for you to try out.  IM us if you have questions or feel free to IM my personal Sensai Rou Jestyr.  Rou is happy to walk you through how to use the Bands of Cypher so you can see how it unlock the dimensions. Please show some love to my Sensai, if you know what I mean:)

Me and One of My Yumis
 If anything, stop by and check it out.  You have absolutely nothing to loose! Signing out fans, Kisses, Lilli :D

Aurora Town:

Where it all began for me.  Buy Puzzle Boards, Crystals, Use your earned tokens to buy token items, etc.:

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