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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Better Late, Then Never..

I have always been a fan of Delirium Style.  Hell I have about 40 full outfits by creator Chrissy Morane (Yes I counted).  Recently though I have even more of a reason to be a fan.  I am a Delirium Style Live Model, that's right yours truly is modeling for DS!

I decided to dedicate a post to DS and make you aware of all the great deals available to you.  Let's start with the group gifts!  There is a 99L one time fee to join, but look what awaits you!

Kali June Group Gift for the Ladies
Ken June Group Gift for the Men
These two full outfits are the first Group Gifts.  Each Month a new Group Gift will be available one for the Men and one for the Ladies.  They can be found on the Bridge. Can't wait for July!

DS also has Special Offer Outfits available.  These outfits are marked way down.  Again both the Males and Females of SL get the great discounts.  Special Offer Outfits this time around are:

Special Offer Female #1 AmyLee 163L's

Special Offer Male #1 Blackstar 163L's
Special Offer Female #2 Heather 100L's
Special Offer Male #2 US Boy 100L's
I can tell you that these Special Offer items are full outfits with either the sneakers or boots. You can not beat that, see why I have always been a fan! LOL.  The Special Offer items are in the Girls and Boys Departments.

Next SL9B celebration.  Everyone knows that SL Turned 9 years young this Week, right?  Well DS has been celebrating with 2 parties each day since Monday.  Now you know why I titled this post Better Late, then Never...  I should have posted this Monday, but RL, SL everything got in the way:(

So tomorrow is the last day of DS's celebrations.  Under the bridge there is a dance floor, and DJ Booth Set up.  Stop by at either 12pm or 4pm SL and party with us.  We have been having a blast all week. There are even exclusive SL9B gifties for you!  Not only from DS, but the sister stores as well!  The next few items you will see, will be gone after tomorrow, so please if you like what you see and you want them, you have to stop by tomorrow!

Delirium Style SL9 Female Freebee
Delirium Style SL9 Male Freebee
EBA Lingerie by Tailiea Sorbet
Latreia Footwear by Hera Aviatik
Thanatopsis Jewelry by Miseria Beaumont
Roobix Thorned Rose Bodyset by Mekaila Hinterland
Aurora Town Fans if you stop by DS at 4pm, wave to me I will be there live and in person doing my modeling thing:)  I hope to see you!  This is Lilli over and out! Peace:D

Delirium Style:

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