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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Fresh Style, Designer Circle, OMG! Room, StoraxTree, Tameless, WoW Skins, and Eternal Dreams!

In world you can see the Holiday season has begun, lots of SIMs changing over to winter looks, and lots of winter, or Holiday themed clothing, decor, accessories, etc. even the Sales Events are starting to use the Holiday theme.  Fresh Style Designers are using the winter Holiday theme  on their exclusives for the current round and over at  the OMG! Room not only are Designers using the Holiday for their Exclusives, but the entire SIM is Decorated for Winter Fun.

The Designer Circle is at the half-way point in their 93rd round, some designers started using the winter theme there as well. One of Lil's favorite Home Decor Designer StoraxTree has totally jumped in early and has tons of Holiday creations for your home.  I have creations from the Events and StoraxTree, that I am talking about, in addition to Newness from WoW Skins, Tameless and Eternal Dreams.  I personally love this time of year in-world, the grid becomes Magical.  Full details and blog post can be found .:HERE:.

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