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Saturday, May 9, 2015

EVA Sales Room, FaMESHEd 3rd Anniversary Gifts, New D-Style, Vestige @Thrift Shop, WoW Skins @ Olala, and -{ZOZ}- @ Cosmopolitan Sales Room !

I have to cop a small plea this Post.  I've been off and on sick this week, battling a wonderful little head cold along with fever.  Even Today I'm not that great, I want to just go back to Bed!  I will soon, but wanted to get this post out, especially because one of the Events I will be talking about has a quick end date.

Today you will see peeks from EVA Sales Room, which is my Event with that quick end date.  The current round of EVA Sales Room ends tomorrow, May 10th, that means if you like the Designer Creations that Lilliana is wearing from EVA, you need to get there right quick, as the items for the 3rd Round will change and you won't get the EVA discount.  So along with EVA Sales Room, Lilliana visited FaMESHed's 3rd Anniversary, that means cool Gifties and I am showing a few here.  There's New Releases from D-Style and Ducknipple.  I have Vestige at The Thrift Shop.  Lilliana is also wearing Exclusives from WoW Skins for Olala and -{ZOZ's}- for Cosmopolitan Room!  Sounds good to you?  Than keep reading.

You'll need to keep reading .:HERE:.

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