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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Lilli, PixelDolls and Epic

PixelDolls Faith Blouse in Antique
Hi Everyone! Yes it's been a little while, sorry:(  Here I am though, yep that is me in the picture above and the two below.  I decided to try my hand at taking my own pictures and editing in PhotoShop.

PixelDolls Hope Blouse in Black
Before any comments are posted, I am a true Beginner with PhotoShop so please bare with me.  Yes I know my hair is in my shoulder, should have used a different pose.  I just couldn't wait to blog these Blouses I am wearing.
Pixeldolls Love Blouse in Blush
So in the 3 pictures you see here, I am wearing Faith, Hope and Love.  They are all free and are fat packs, so a few color options, besides the ones I am wearing.  All you have to do is take my Link below and find the 3 boxes pretty boxes located on the coffee table.

PixelDolls:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Port%20Seraphine/142/126/258

Everything else that makes Lilli, Lilli:
Hair:  Truth, Liv -Night (not Free)
Eyes:  Poetic Color, PC Eyes Classic - Black Swan (Not free), although in Pic 3 I am wearing Sea foam, which is free.  Just hope on over and get yours:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Strata/81/240/903
Skin:  Belleza, Melissa, Deep Tan Group Gift (Fee to Join)
Shape:  RAC, Female Shape #2 (It's Old and wasn't Free, but it is me)
Jewelry:  Chop Zuey (One of my personal Favs!), Moon Necklace for Males, Group Gift (Fee to Join).  This necklace, a matching bracelet for the men and a ladies bangle bracelet and pink and gold ring are available now as the group gifts.  Ladies you can totally wear the men's stuff too! Go here, if you like:  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Chop%20Zuey/123/138/25

I am presently doing the FTLO Hunt, which is taking me a long time to do.  This one in not easy one, but has some really great designers.  On my journey from LM to LM in the hunt I came across Epic.  BTW, there is a Photo Booth there, that is where I took the 3 pics of me.  It's from Scribble, I want it, it is really cool.

So stop my running at the mouth with all of my personal tidbits and just get on with what's up with Epic, I know that is what you are saying... LOL  Okay, okay, I found 5 great Group Gifts.
All of these gifts are still available as of today.  Here is the story with Epic, there is a $250L fee to join the group.  Each Month a new group gift is set.  Think about this it's July 30th, August is Monday new group gift, if you join now you would get the 5 that are blogged here and a new item on Monday, or as soon as Epic's Designer sets it.  Doesn't sound so bad now, coughing up that 250... LOL

That's what I got for you at the moment.  Please come back soon, I should have more, I have sort of a back log..  Over and Out, Lilli :)

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