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Friday, July 15, 2011

Old But... New

I was in search of something new to post, something that wasn't in a new group gift or notecard passed out from a scribo that many of us probably got.

I remember when I was a newbie and found out there were gifts, free items or dollarbies out there, my obsession began. Even though I believe there are much better newbie gifts, freebies and dollarbies now then when I was a newb.

I thought about the many places I used to go Free Dove, Gnubie Store and Enkythings. I decided let me go back to my past today. We all know that the Gnubie Store has closed, I have visited Free Dove recently lots of items there and some worth taking a trip and picking up.

Then I TP'd in Enkythings. which now goes by Enky's Dollar Store. Well what did I find to my own delight some great, great dollarbies! There are now items from some of our very favorite designers, did you know that? Maybe you did, but I didn't. Felt like it was worth it to get the word out there.
There are Clothes, Skins, Shapes, Hair, Accessories from the likes of Sn@tch, Donna Flora, SySy's, Ayumi, Nushuru, ALB, Flippery, Piddidle, and more. The list goes on!

All of the pictures here are what you can find. Each item is only 1 dollar. This is definitely worth a trip. Take my TP below and have fun. I hope this was a post that some of you did not know! Lilli :)

Enky's: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Orbiuna/212/181/352

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