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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sunday, Sunday


Vogue just put out a new Group Gift Ladies.  This stunning Gown is called Nalley and comes in Brown for the Group Members.
Just join Vogue's group, which is free to join and touch the Group Gift Ad Board.


The White Armory:

I haven't talked about the The White Armory before, but I have been a member for a while.  I don't know why I haven't blogged TWA before now. You will be happy I did though!  Each Sunday a new Gown is set out for Group Members.

 Today we have Shere-Khan.  Shere-Khan is available through-out the week, until next Sunday when the new gift is set. I will tell you all of the Gifts are as beautiful as this one.

Joining is easy just send a request to either Colton Drechsler or Ida Donardson and you will be added.  There are always special sales, and give-aways, so stay in the group, you won't be disappointed.

The White Armory:


Last some news from me.  I am now an official blogger for EBA,Inc. YAY! me!  My first post is Layla brand new!

Show some support, visit the store, visit the blog!

EBA Inworld:

EBA Blog:

Okay Fans, here is where I say till I blog again, I am outta here! Kisses Lilli:D

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