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Sunday, June 1, 2014

OH! LIKE blah.BLAH.blah CraazZZY Cart Sale, Sugar & Cyanide, Designer Circle’s 81st Round, New Baby Monkey, The Soho Market, The Dark Style Fair, New Truth, Krave Inc., MarketPlace and Freebies!

Today is one of those Days when I had really gotten into My post.  I mean everything worked, and I really loved the outcome, the look, location, poses, etc.  You will see how much I liked My post Today, as there are alot of photos:) So I am sure you want to know where Lilliana got all of this that she loves.

If you love what Lilliana is wearing and using as much as she does, your shopping list will begin at the OH! LIKE blah.BLAH.blah CraazZZY Cart Sale, Designer Circle’s 81st Round, Baby Monkey for Some Newness, The Soho Market, The Dark Style Fair, Truth for more Newness, Krave Inc. for a GACHA Prize, MarketPlace and BehaviorBody. MarketPlace and BehaviorBody are my Freebies! For more Detail, SLURLs, etc., it's all .:HERE:.

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