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Sunday, November 1, 2009

I am always "Seldom Blue"

Seldom Blue what can I say, some of the loveliest Bridal and Any Occasion Gowns, Lingerie and Silks in SL. Seldom Blue has 5 stores on different SIMs and there are some beautiful gifts for the ladies in each and everyone.

I start with the Eostara Store. For only 1 Linden the absolutely adorably sexy Kira Tutu Dress.

Found here:

Next up the Sxy2nd Plaza, where there are a few fabulous items to be had. Upstairs on the second floor for 1 dollar each the "Ethnic" Steel Necklaces. I am showing one, but there are six boxes with six different colors, each 1 Linden.

Down on the first floor the Sexy Stella Gown for only 1 Linden as well. I have blogged this Gown before, but what the hell it is so lovely and such a bargain it definitely deserves a second shout!

Follow my SLURL here to get these great items:

Now we pop over to the Car Wash Sim, to the Fab Free Headquarters IdigoBlue has two special freebies waiting here. Another Beautiful Gown called Sensations and a special Emerald version of the Ethnic Steel Necklace.

The items here are free, along with an entire store of totally nice freebies. Hey Guys you might want to take a trip to Fab Free as well, there is stuff for you there too! A definite stop for both the Men and Ladies!


Lastly the Wunderville Sim, for another dollarbie the crazy sexy Spiderweb Lingerie.


Really great stuff from Seldom Blue follow my SLURLs to get yours slers, have a simply Wonderful SL Day today! This girl is over and out! :)

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